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Stardate 2003, Mark Zuckerberg in an Instant Message.

Check this site out: www.harvardconnection.com and then go to harvardconnection.com/datehome.php. Someone is already trying to make a dating site.

Via Business Insider.

I have to say that I am quite concerned over the recent Facebook privacy issues. Years ago I wrote a number of posts about the need for a secure cloud containing our personal data that is accessible to third-party websites and web services. I was basically talking about Facebook Connect and the social graph.

I want to be able to expose certain pieces of information to certain parties based on context and have full control over what is shared, how and it’s shelf-life. It pains me to see how Facebook, ever-intent on monetization, is pulling all sorts of sketchy moves to control and monetize your data. I still think that Facebook is the best source of dating profiles, but the privacy issues and data ownership problems continue to worsen.

See DataPortability Project, Open Identity Exchange and Jason Calacanis’ recent blog post, The Big Game, Zuckerberg and Overplaying your Hand.