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Launching new dating sites is always exciting. Lots of hard work, dedication, butterflies and expectations swirling around as launch day approaches. Yesterday marked the launch of Meetcha, a new dating site for singles over 40. In an interesting turn of events, Meetcha’s parent company is actually my landlord (and neighbors and friends).

Eons, Inc., the Boston, MA-based company that incubates and launches digital products targeting adults over 40, has announced the launch of Meetcha in Greater Boston, the first market in its national roll-out. By combining one-on-one matching with local, group meet-up opportunities based on members’ shared interests, Meetcha offers the growing number of singles over 40 a more fun, less-pressured way to meet new people.

Eons, Inc.’s experience with Meetcha sister site, eons.com — the first baby boomer social network — revealed that this demographic values getting to know others around a broad array of shared interests and experiences. These online friendships, in many cases, have led to offline friendships, romances and even marriages. It was this observation that sparked the company to consider the online dating space.

You may have heard of Eons, its founder is Jeff Taylor, who founded Monster.com.

I’ve attended and have liked some of the fun PODS (People Out Doing Stuff) they are putting together around Boston.

Here are some Meetcha introductory videos, the Meetcha blog and the full press release. I’ll dig deeper into the site in coming weeks. For now, sign up, check it out and let us know what you think of Meetcha.