IntroAnalytics - People Recommendation Engine and API for Online Dating and Social Networks.pngGavin Potter at IntroAnalytics has written a white paper titled Making Behavioral Recommendations Pay, An Analysis of Returns Achieved. I am pleased to see some of the early results discussed publicly. While not exactly earth-shattering in terms of depth, I applaud Gavin for making the results available and urge him to continue to update. In fact, IntroAnalytics should follow OKCupid and blog when they have enough data to work with. That would be outstanding. A few tidbits of information below.

  • There has been a substantial increase in activity on all sites which have implemented the IntroAnalytics technology. Detailed analysis of site traffic indicates that the introduction of the IntroAnalytics product leads to an average 20% increase in site traffic.
  • Detailed analysis of site activity shows that most users prefer to view profiles based on the selections provided by the IntroAnalytics technology rather than the traditional search built into the sites.
  • One surprising result is that the technology has a greater impact on female activity – especially messaging activity than on male activity.

Those wishing to read the full paper should us the contact form or email