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Domain sellers contact me every so often about selling their domain portfolios to dating sites. After having these conversation for a number of years, I completely understand the frustration domainers feel when they get the cold shoulder from dating sites uninterested in what the domainer considers a great deal.

According to Elliot’s Blog, the sex.com domain is up for auction. No shortage of interest in this case, thats for sure.

The tale of Sex.com is actually very interesting, and a book was written about it a few years ago. The Cliff’s Notes version is that Match.com founder Gary Kremen originally registered the domain name, but it was then stolen by Stephen Cohen, and a 10 year legal battle ensued. A company called ESCOM, LLC acquired Sex.com in January of 2006, although terms of the deal were not disclosed. There was an article that pegged the sale at $14 million, but there was no confirmation that this number is accurate.

I’m working with a company right now that has a great domain like sex.com. Their website isn’t much to look at but the domain is so good they can’t help but make a nice living without too much effort.

These are the clients I love to work with- startups with a leg up on the competition and companies who’s task is to go from single to double-digit millions. I talk to many, many startups that have great ideas (usually features), but the spread from idea to sustainable ongoing business, especially in the online dating industry, is too wide a gap for 99% of new dating startups.

That’s whats great about my job, I get to talk to passionate entrepreneurs and innovators each and every day. Most of them will fail, and the smart ones know this, but they go ahead anyway and give it their best shot. There is a big difference between an entrepreneur and an opportunist. The latter don’t stick around as long and their short-sighed/myopic vision usually has them off in the weeds in no time at all. The reality is that there are plenty of both types in the online dating space. If you’re the former, let’s talk.

Did you know that Porn.com went for $9.5m? Leave a comment with the price you think sex.com will sell for.