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Just crossed the 3,000 post mark here.

I don’t know if it’s my new and improved profile and photos or the stacks of Benjamins I slipped to key Match, OKCupid and PlentyofFish executives while we were all in Miami, but my inboxes are filling up like crazy in the run-up to Valentines Day. I like to think it was the former. I kid, I kid.

2010 Internet Dating Conference Highlights.

Better Loving Through Chemistry: The New York Times write about dating sites trying to be the Netflix of love, a topic I’ve written about several times. Much of the article is about Chemistry.com. Surprised they didn’t mention PerfectMatch. And what’s with the shoddy research? If you want the real deal, the DiscoveryNews.com Wide Angle show looks at the intersection of love and technology.

Today’s email from Herway:

At HerWay, you get to relax while women come to you. Our research shows connections initiated by women are 10 times more likely to result in a real date. Don’t make her wait!

I’d like to see that research and anything that gives me back my time previously spent scouring dating sites is all good.

CatholicMatch is offering a Valentine’s discount: 60 percent off a 6-month subscription. The offer expires on Feb. 14 at midnight, which means you can watch Casablanca and Sleepless In Seattle before bucking up and logging in.

Once get married and the pink cloud evaporates, you might want to read Beyond Seduction: Loving Without Limits.

Relationship expert, Cecilia Alegria, better known as “La Doctora Amor” (Dr. Love), has a new book out,Secretos para encontrar pareja en internet / Secrets to Finding a Partner on the Internet (Spanish Edition).

From the department of bad-timing: TLC invites you to spend Valentine’s Day learning all you need to know about finding true love and sustaining a healthy relationship with SEXTISTICS: YOUR LOVE LIFE. This one-hour special reveals all the startling answers and staggering statistics about love, sex, and romance that you’ve always wanted to know but were afraid to ask, such as: Is there a smoother path down the rocky road of love? Do details such as height, money, and even body hair really matter?

Amazon.com has announced the top 20 Most Romantic Cities in America, based on sales data across books, music, movie and sexual wellness categories! Taking out the top spot is Alexandria, VA; followed by Miami, FL and Cambridge, MA.

The PeteSearch blog has some neat visualization based on social network “social graph” research on Facebook. Read How to split up the US.

Truphone, the next generation global mobile operator, today announced its intention to help ‘spread the love’ this Valentine’s Day, with free calls to 30 countries worldwide – ensuring that loved ones need not just call to say ‘I love you’, but can talk, for free, until their hearts are content.

The Body Language Handbook: How to Read Everyone’s Hidden Thoughts and Intentions.

A new paper in Medical Hypotheses journal posits that carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by sexual intercourse. Oh, great.