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Mocospace, the 4th largest mobile website in the U.S., has released their 2nd annual data on mobile etiquette. Big survey, 20,000 respondents.

Over 1/3 of the respondents said they used their phone to flirt with someone while on a date with someone else. Ouch!

Nearly 60% have used their mobile phone to break up with someone.

In an effort to help Cupid mend broken hearts this Valentine’s Day, MocoSpace has put together a list of texting tips:

– Do text to say “thank you”: Texting to say “thank you” for a date (even a day later) supersedes any archaic 3-day wait rule. You can never go wrong with being gracious.

– Do text to confirm plans: It’s difficult to convey subtle nuances of communication through text, so use texting primarily for confirming date plans and timing.

-Do not drink and text: A recent study conducted by Stir.com showed almost 2/3 of drunken texters regretted sending that text the night before. ‘Nuff said.

– Do not initiate a date via text: First time communication and date invitations should be saved for old school phone calls. Give your thumbs a rest.

– Do not break bad news via text: Tell “Bad News Bears” to go back into hibernation until you’re ready to talk face to face.
Pretty generic stuff, but kids these days, they need all the help they can get with manners and Etiquette.