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I’ve been helping out VisualDNA and wanted to give them a chance to explain a bit more about what they will be presenting at iDate.

I (Ben Fletcher), will be showing off some genuinely new and innovative products for the dating industry. Our VisualDNA quizzes are a natural fit with dating: engaging and compelling use of image-based quizzes to profile yourself or your ideal partner work well with the emotive nature of dating. Higher levels of engagement deliver higher registration and subscription rates. VisualDNA also forms the basis of our automatic profile writer: ProfileWiz. Users can create a well-written profiles automatically and users with better profiles get more date requests. With many trillions of unique combinations, the automatically generated profile is fresh and highly tailored to the personality of the user. We want to talk to people that want to integrate this as a value add for their members, or people that would want to drive us traffic on a revenue share basis.

Several top 10 dating sites are already using their services for lead generation. I really like ProfileWiz. I built something similar as a concept for ProfileDoctor back in the day.

If you run a dating site, you absolutely must take a look at VisualDNA and ProfileWiz.