Online Personals Watch mentions Cinekin using movie ratings to match people. Fernando, as expected, takes them to task. Josh Berg at Cinekin weighs in calling their algorithmic matching sytems “as good as Netflix.” Without knowing the full details, I can’t argue that claim, outrageous as it sounds.

I like what Josh has to say about 16 PF5, older tests and they need to evolve. What we don’t know is if movie matching works. Just because compatible people share movie interests, thats a single datapoint, and not strong enough to support much of an audience greater than single movie buffs.

The matching system as more of a feature than a dating site. Perhaps they can license it to other dating sites if it’s a serious bump in effectiveness compared to todays search. Otherwise it’s a neat feature that nobody except film buffs are going to use. And what’s with there being no Netflix API to import your data? Can’t believe that’s not a feature.