eHarmony agrees to make site “welcoming” to gays and lesbians, ending L.A. lawsuit. Putting an end to two and a half years of litigation, the online dating site has reached an agreement to pay a half a million dollars and make its website more “welcoming” to seekers of same-sex matches, settling a class-action lawsuit brought by gays and lesbians in California. California residents who have filed written complaints with the company will receive $4,000 each from the settlement funds.

Messmo Partners With BoonEx: Had lunch with Brendan O’Kane of mobile messaging company Messmo. If you run a site on Boonex Dolphin, Messmo mobile services are baked right into the platform. Full story.

eFlirtexpert launches VIP membership level services, including Dating Management, Dating Coaching and more. Pricing is $3,000 for six months. Full details.