hierarchy_distractions_960.gif Check out where online dating is positioned on Hierarchy Of Digital Distractions.

Original OKCupid article: How To Get People To Reply To Your Messages In Online Dating, Part I.

Whitney Casey from Match.com talks about polishing your online dating profile. Winning profile pictures are discussed. Hint, no photos with guns and crop-outs are a cop out.

Last year around 30 million Americans were looking for love online. CBSNews say that number now stands at 90 million. Huh?

Executive Professional Dating launches affiliate network.

Executive Professional Dating is a leading matchmaking service that targets upscale professionals in USA and Canada. It is highly reliable and one of the oldest in the industry. The company started its business in 1982 and is working in the Internet since 1997. Every lead received is called by our service department to set up initial interview.

Cougar Dating, grrrrrr!