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Jajah, which provides the anonymous calling feature on eHarmony and Match, is launching free phone calls to your followers on Twitter. @calls are made without revealing your number and without needing to know the number of the person you wish to call – all you need is their Twitter username. This is a game changer for dating sites. Give everyone a Twitter account and they can talk anonymously. Calls are only two minutes but this removes the considerable entry barriers that anonymous calling companies have come up against in the online dating market.

Testing 1-2-3: Announcing Facebook Prototypes: Now you can install Facebook experimental applications. Wouldn’t it be great if dating sites did the same? Developers want access to the stream of profiles and to be able to build services like search, profile displace and matching algorithms around them. But why wait for dating sites to wake up? Facebook is already the world’s largest dating site, and it’s an increasingly open platform with access to everyones personal information. As of today, Facebook is cash flow positive and has 300 million members. Comments?

Advertiser SkaDate releases Community Software Mobile Edition.

Facebook Gives Birth to the Retrosexual.

Validize provides a secure service that validates a person’s personal information and credentials. This simple solution solves the problem of trusted online interactions and generates credibility to your site’s content.

Cook and Date

Here’s the article from a Columbian publication that interviewed me while we were in Omnidate.

Boston.com Cheap, creative dates around the city. All dating sites should at least link to this sort of information based on member’s zip codes.

The Web at a New Crossroads

Vindicia, a leading provider of on-demand billing solutions, announced the addition of leading gaming publisher Realtime Worlds to its customer portfolio. I mention this because I’m trying to get more dating sites to pay attention to Vindicia, which has an strong suite of services for online dating. Realtime Worlds will leverage Vindicia CashBoxâ„¢ for its ability to support multiple business models — subscriptions, virtual goods and virtual currencies — and to simultaneously manage fraud while optimizing customer acquisition and retention.

I try to keep track of Down To Earth, Match.com’s response to Plentyoffish. Look at these numbers, losing a third of their audience after an initial ad spend that got them to 250,000 visitors. This is the problem with dating sites. There are 5 that matter, 20 that make a difference and the rest could go poof tomorrow and few would notice.