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Picture 1.png Saw this on Plentyoffish. Somewhere, somehow, someone thought that this was an appropriate ad to run.

I am compiling a list of marketing companies currently working with dating sites. What firms have extensive experience in the online dating industry? The opportunity is not competitive with dating sites directly. Let me know.

Quick shout out to our advertisers: viximo, Milabra, Boonex, Matchmaker, Honesty Online, SkaDate, Matchmaker and iovation. Want to advertise? Contact me for details.

This blog has over 1,000 RSS feeds. Andrew Chen just crossed the 10,000 mark. If you run a dating site you really should be reading his essays at AndrewChenblog.com, they are thought-provoking and insightful, I share them with clients all the time.

Jeremiah Owanyg is leaving Forrester Research. The Future of Facebook is a nice parting post.


Here’s a True ad which is customized to run on Plentyoffish, the arrow to the left points to profile photos. Clever.

Picture 3.png

POF is crowdsourcing the photo evaluation process under the title “Rate New/Any image, which is strange because there is not rating system that I can see. As if guys are going to delete photos of women who are shirtless. How about a button that says “Don’t make your main profile a creepy photo of you and a kid on a carousel”. I saw a bunch of photos of 1/2 naked women. I didn’t want to report them, I was too busy looking for the link to their profile.

PayPal will be the first and only global payments platform open to third-party developers. Their new set of APIs will offer unlimited possibilities for you to easily monetize your ideas, by providing security and connectivity to the world’s financial systems. Read about it at Geek Out With Us.

Publishing to Twitter from Facebook Pages

What Europeans Do At Night

Mo’ money for SNAP Interactive.

Love for Sale: What Marketers Can Learn From Online Dating.

Forwarded to me from someone on LinkedIn:

Seniormatch.com islooking for experienced Marketers&Bloggers. We would like to set up Senior Private Label Dating Site for you at NO COST and offer all back-end for free. We will also pay you $30 for each paid member or $2 for each free member. If you are interested, just please contact me via my email address millerll20092@yahoo.com directly for more details and tell me you are invited by me via Linkedin.com, thanks very much..

Thats all, have a great weekend!

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