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Talked to Nick from Topicfox today. For those keeping score, Topicfox offers white label instant messaging solutions, whereas Toskta appears to be more of a webchat service, according to Nick.

Nick says that in the next week or so the sandbox for testing Topicfox will be live and that within two months they will have several integrations up and running, primarily for the purpose of better understanding the needs of potential customers.

Felix from Toska announced today that it has released the public beta of their chat room application today. Video is coming soon. I’ll be testing both solutions out in coming weeks, to give you an idea of the integration process, customization and usability of each system.

Both companies are eyeing recent developments at Userplane, which powers many online dating chat, IM and presence services. Userplane has been unresponsive in recent weeks, despite repeated attempts at contacting executives about the status of the company. I heard back from a founder today, who doesn’t know what’s going on either. Userplane was acquired by AOL in 2006 for somewhere in the vicinity of $35 million.

Globeandmail contacted me about a Twitterdating story. They should have something on the topic out later this week.