Skout Offers White Label Mobile Dating Service

David Evans Mobile Dating, White Label Dating

Christian at emailed with some big news.

Get your own mobile dating service: Skout will white label its’ solution to enable anyone to run their own mobile dating service. The structure is simple;

1) You provide logo and colors,
2) Skout provides your branded solution (destination site, mobile web, iPhone App, and news letter),
3) Skout provides the user base,
4) You drive traffic to the site/App
5) You rev share with Skout on every subscription you can sell.

This solution is great for companies that have solid traffic but a hard time to monetize the user base. CPM/CPC rates are going down drastically, and Skout can provide an alternative source of income by the partner driving traffic and converting people to subscribers of the branded dating service. It’s almost like Ning for Mobile Dating. We will initially bring in a few big brands (TBA soon), and then let smaller actors on as well. We could create a Techcrunch Singles for you, for instance.

Skout is seeing 2000-3000 users per day signing up with no ad spend. There are currently 80,000 logins per day on average (15,000 uniques). Total number of mobile chat messages in Skout’s network is 300,000 per day, and growing rapidly. According to Pinch our iPhone users spend ~50 minutes per day on average flirting and finding love. This metric is consistent with their internal stats engine.

They have changed the concept of “friends” to “hotlist”. “Friends” adhered to the facebook paradigm, with friend requests being sent out. The new “hotlist” adheres to the twitter paradigm, where you simply follow singles you find interesting. Future revisions of Skout will include FB Connect and will also be deployed as a FB App. Subscriptions being launched in the next few weeks.

A new website is up at

This is all great news for mobile dating. One issue I have become acutely aware of is that Skout needs to do a better job with filtering the fakers on the site. A too-stringent boot policy could hurt growth, too wide a net and the site risks getting overrun and turning into MySpace. Skout is going to have to watch who’s on the site and what they’re up to closely.

If you want to add mobile dating to your website, talk to Skout, tell them I sent you.