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I’m reviewing several dating site member messaging systems right now and it’s amazing to hear dating site executives say things like, “We put together a few email templates, launched, and pretty much haven’t thought about our outbound emails since.” Polishing up the cadence, tone and content of outbound emails is incredibly important. Contact me if you want to learn how I can help you keep your members informed, entertained and most important, coming back again and again.

My consternation for Singlesnet continues, although their marketing is effective to say the least. Seven million monthly visitors and all I every receive are the most aggravating “introductions” of any dating site I’ve ever used, except for Mate1, who’s Online Ambassador emails clog my inbox. Why would I be interested in talking to a paid worker-bee all the way across the country? Then again, Singlesnet isn’t too concerned, after a precipitous drop this fall, traffic is trending upward.

I have 25 emails from in the last week at Singlesnet. All are “introductions” to women I wouldn’t even think of dating. This is where Match’s Daily5 clearly wins out as the better solution to getting people to visit the site more often and put some new faces in front of them. Daily5 has a long way to go to be truly useful, but its a decent launch, driving traffic up nicely. To get more out of Daily5, Match has to bite the bullet and redo their profile questions, which remain antiquated to say the least.

Messaging members is a tricky balance, you want to stay front-of-mind without seeming overbearing. Achieving this zen state of email marketing is an elusive artform that’s difficult to master.