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I am having a blast checking out all the new iPhone applications. SuperMonkeyBall is great, but Brightkite, Jott and Things are incredibly useful apps for me throughout the day.

I don’t spend time on phone-based dating because the applications aren’t very good and I am sure as hell not going to pay extra for mobile dating when I can click another button on my phone and access the site via a web browser.

Brightkite could be a great location-based dating application if they created a dating channel on the site. I often check into Brightkite when I am in downtown Boston to see who is nearby. All the dreams and hype from countless mobile social/dating startups, and Brightkite has just about everything we need already. Nokia recently bought Plazes, which I used back in the day before Brightkite. Nobody has ever heard of Plazes. I predict lots of you will at least have heard of BrightKite in the near future, especially you iPhone users.

This week, for the first time ever, I had a woman IM me on Match. A nice surprise but the chat client isn’t very good, we bailed out to Y! IM quickly. It doesn’t even have a link to the other person’s profile so you can check them out. But at least it works.

ReadWriteWeb talks about Facebook desktop applications, which got me thinking about desktop dating apps. Where are they? Adobe AIR is a great way to bring web apps to the desktop, so why aren’t dating sites taking advantage of the always-on nature of desktop apps. I know Userplane has a system tray applications to chat with others across multiple web properties, but what about a dating site creating a better, more connected experience with a desktop app?

Or maybe a third party desktop app that pulls in profiles from multiple sites. Desktop-based affiliate marketing, boo-ya.