Huge news out of Dallas. has signed two distribution partnerships in Australia and Latin America which will allow it to reach more than eight million people a month in Australia.

In Latin America, has partnered with Terra, the region’s largest Internet portal, to become the exclusive online dating provider for Terra’s sites in 18 countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Venezuela and Peru.

eHarmony has been talking about International expansion for a while now and Match goes and pulls this off. That’s a real business development smack-down.

Eharmony can’t do partnerships. They are on their own and this is a huge problem for them. They have/had a partnership with Friendster which tanked and I’m not certain of the status of the deal with Gannett Co., which put eHarmony on USA Today and other newspapers.

Match can leverage the marketing power of it’s partners, whereas eHarmony has to spend more marketing dollars.

I need to figure out how to separate Match International performance and traffic to see how these deals pan out over time.

Dallas Business Journal. has synopsis and the Earth Times has full details.