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This just in. Match.com has agreed to purchase PlentyOffish for $175 million. Sources say Match will be integrating PlentyOfFish profiles with the Match.com database. Especially excited are the Match Platinum team, which will be selling former PoF member $1,000 matchmaker packages. Unfortunately, Match will not be taking on the bleeding-edge PlentyOfFish design and color scheme.

In other news, Yahoo Personals sold the newly upgraded hyper-efficient and scalable dating system to Boonex, so Miscrosoft can’t get their hands on it. Smaller dating sites, rejoice!

OkCupid has implemented a paid subscription model, but if you answer the “How horny are you” question you get a free month.

A handful of people signed up for dating sites today while 84,000 migrated over to social networks.

Get back to work and don’t believe a thing you read on any blogs today.