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Dating site owners, time to polish up that P&L statement and start buying massive amounts of traffic. Judging by this job posting, eHarmony is gearing up for a buying spree. Good timing, I’m doing due diligence on a number of dating properties at the moment, I wonder what the parameters are for an eHarmony acquisition?

Why is that a full time gig? It has contract written all over it. Just how many sites are they looking to buy? I would do the work for a few months, but they are looking for i-bankers and analysts. These are exactly the kind of people who have little sense for understanding the the quality of a membership community. They see numbers and little else, with few exceptions.

You can tell a lot about a company from it’s job board. eHarmony is looking for someone with 1-3 years at a consulting firm or i-bank. Translation- they are looking for a cheap labor, basically an anonymous tire kicker, otherwise mere mortals would never see this job position, it would go to, for example, the VC who have already put over $100 million in the eHarmony coffers years ago.

Unless they cover the space (about 3 people) or have invested in dating sites (a dozen or so) there are only a few people qualified for the position that I can think of. It will be interesting to see who they hire.

How would eHarmony integrate another dating site? Maybe a database merge or keep the standalone brand and cross-sell like Match and Chemistry. My money is on the latter, but I need to think this through more.

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