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I rejoined the Twitter crowd today after taking some time off from gorging on people’s lifestreams. One of the first tweets I received was from from marshalk at Read Write Web, who just posted OpenSocial Beta Apps Go Live on Myspace.

Marshall’s list of key differences between MySpace and other OpenSocial “containers” is worth noting if you’re a developer.

I recently talked with Patrick Chanezon, the Google Developer Advocate for OpenSocial. Patrick was the keynote on the social networking side of the recent iDate conference in Miami. I’d link to the keynote summary but the link has been taken of the iDate conference website.

A brief scan of the MySpace applications directory shows a smattering of dating apps, which, just like Facebook, many of the apps are more friend-oriented.

Fun to see apps with 15 installs that will have tens of millions in a few months.

The Platform smarts arms-race continues.