I heard from Stephany Alexander, who runs Womansavers, “World’s Largest Database Rating Men” (30,000+ men’s names, descriptions & photos entered by women, top 5% most popular women’s websites). Thankfully I don’t show up in the database.

WomanSavers has been the leader in online men’s database ratings since 2003, making us the first and most established of its kind. If only there were a way you could talk to men’s exes BEFORE you got involved. Well, now you can “Research & Rate B4 U Date” for safer dating worldwide. Join our sisterhood of women who have posted their experiences to help women worldwide avoid dating alleged cheating men, lying men or abusive men. WomanSavers global database searches and organizes a man’s relationship history with an emphasis on infidelity, trust, abuse, commitment and general character. Database postings and e-mail addresses are strictly confidential and we do not share or sell your information to anyone. All IP addresses are deleted daily. For the paranoid, you can post from a library, internet cyber café or business center. WomanSavers does not edit or censor database information and no information can be guaranteed or verified.

Website highlights include free internet infidelity and adultery advice, monogamy statistics and signs of cheating men, and reasons why husbands and boyfriends cheat and lie. WomanSaver’s proceeds are donated to abused women and children’s charities. The WomanSaver men’s search engine database was created for women and you, the posters, CONTROL it. The world wants to hear your story, so tell it!

Example entry:

Chris **** is s POS. He cheats on his wife, she forgives him and then he continues to do it behind her back. He is a stalker and has police reports filed against him in MD and DE. He has cheated with his wife’s co-worker, his best friends wife and his old girlfriend. He even got the best friend’s wife PREGNANT! Worst of all, he then lies to make himself look better, denies most of his mistakes and is a complete COWARD!

I understand how important it is for people to be safe on the Internet, and I’ve checked out all of the rate-a-date sites at one time or another. They are all trying to provide a valuable service, but the implementations fall short of a legal, useful solution. To say I have a big problem with people using full names on this site would be an understatement.

Example: My name is David Evans. That’s also the name of one of the Duke lacrosse players involved in the rape scandal a few years ago. Do you know how many absolutely awful emails I received from random people confusing the two of us? It was downright scary.

I’m sure Womansavers will be useful for some people, and if it saves a life, or a marriage, all hail the power of the internets, but it made me feel kind of icky none the less.

Womansavers is pulling in around 60,000 visitors monthly. Speaking of keeping tabs on bad people, I found Rotten Neighbor today, which has a global map where you can rat out your neighbors for their bad behavior.