I am meeting with Eric Holzle, founder of Scientific Match, and will post details soon. In the meantime, information at TheBostonChannel and the Northeastern News.

Jeff at Longtail Studios wrote to let us know about HurryDate’s SpeedDaters.

Advanced Mobile Applications and Longtail Studios, in association with HurryDate® today announced the release of the first mobile speed dating game, HurryDate’s SpeedDaters on leading wireless carriers.

Developed by Longtail Studios and published by Advanced Mobile Applications, the game lets players test their dating skills and see how the pick up lines really work. Practice speed dating as if you were actual attending a HurryDate event. HurryDate’s SpeedDaters will offer players the ability to step into the shoes of the other gender and experience dating from their perspective.

HurryDate’s SpeedDaters’ features include:

• Character customization: Customize your characters to make them look like
yourself or any way you want
• Gender selection: Experience dating from the eyes of the other gender
• Multiple modes: Play through story mode, mini-games, or go on unlimited
speed dates in any location
• Mini-games: Dating mini-games test your eye contact, body language and
listening skills
• Unlockable content: Unlock expanded game modes and anytime puzzle play

I need to figure out how to sign up for this. Spark Networks acquired HurryDate in February 2007. I wonder if this mean the service will be offered to Spark Networks properties like JDate.

Funny thing, a friend emailed me about Scientific Match while I was writing this. Looks like they did a solid press launch.

Tiffany Kelley of Love Concierge says: Love Concierge is the world’s first virtual assistant firm dedicated solely to improving the love lives of our clients! Our team of professionals are based in the US and can help with everything from online dating management to personal assistant services.

I had this idea years ago, shame on me for not launching this idea.

Remarkable Love Concierge testimonial: Tim Ferriss, the author of The 4-Hour Workweek says: “The results were beyond belief….I got more than 20 dates. It was unreal.” If he says it works, I believe it. I’m trying hard to be more efficient, working with the Getting Things Done tools and books. Ferriss’s book totally blew me away, great stuff.

Lynne Sandler of A Sound Match writes:

Hi Dave, Without repeating the information you read about A Sound Match, what else can I share about my belief that music can predict compatibility? We all listen to music and it says a lot about us. I don’t match people who both like U2 and REM. My 3-minute quiz, that measures how much you like music, allows me to send you matches with a high likelihood of compatibility because they have a similar music lifestyle and also similar personality traits. I’ve spent the past 15 years researching this theory. The marketing does not focus on the �?science�? behind it but takes an irreverent tone �?music. the best bad-date repellent around.�?

My target group is the hip music lover and members send each other playlists of full-length songs/albums inside emails and profiles … I’ve embedded Rhapsody’s music service into mine. Our widget (holds the quiz) is now on Facebook and by next week the matching system should be integrated so members can instantly see their compatibility with each other.

Jangl, the anonymous calling service featured on Match.com, has added SMS to product offering. All messages send through the web-based Jangl SMS service are free. I wonder if/when this may or may not be integrated with Match.com.

Planet Out looking for a bail out? Seeking Alpha and PaidContent muse about Planet Out’s financial troubles.

eHarmony launching “Who has viewed me” feature.

staganddovelogo.jpgStaganddove is a quirky site aimed at creative professionals in the UK. Expect a plethora of hot booty, videochat and the latest news about music, clubs and films. You’ll have to pony up £8.99 per month to get

eukisslogo.jpgEuropean Kiss is a free online dating site for single europeans who appreciate the European culture and lifestyle. EuropeanKiss features “Windows Vista” Gadgets and “Windows” Desktop Message Notifier (both features) a first in the online dating industry. Gadgets are easy-to-use mini programs that give you information at a glance in real-time and Message Notifier is a Windows tool that sits in your system tray and notifies you when there are new mail messages. There is no need to open your browser and login to our site just to check if you’ve received a mail message or how many users are on line, our gadgets give you this information and more.

As I Mac guy, this site does nothing for me, literally. If you like PC-only dating sites and the european lifestyle, European Kiss might be right for you.

Thats it for now, I’m sure I’ll have follow-up information on most of the companies and launches to share in coming weeks.