I have no idea how long this has been a feature because Match never promotes anything on the site but tonight I stumbled across the Match My Friends Feature.

I posted a matchmyfriends2.pdf screenshot of the service so you can check it out.

Basically, Match wants you to create profiles for your friends who are too lazy to try Match or on another dating site. They added a testimonial field to a basic profile and I gather the profile is created and they are emailed to check it out. Like most dating site Tell-a-Friend feature, except you get to do all the work!

I have to say I was nonplussed when I came across this. Who’s going to create profiles for their friends? I can imagine that the spammers could have a field day with this. At least they’re trying something new.

Can you imagine the surprise when receiving an email link to your new profile, complete with photos? I would be floored, not necessarily in a good way. Can a guy make a profile for a guy friend or is that too weird?

After 30 days, unaccepted invitations are automatically deleted. Can you imagine spending an hour on a profile for a friend and having it get deleted?

You can search for people on behalf of your friend. I’m not going to fill out the entire profile, but it will be interesting to see how these searches are performed. Looks like you can search for siz people and email them to your friend. What about winking? Heck, I talked to a friend today, he wants me to email women for him- I’m such the wordsmith, ha.

What I did like was the testimonial feature. I hope they add this into regular profiles. I get a lot of new business leads from LinkedIn testimonials, and I would imagine that reading testimonials from friends and ex’s would be useful. Maybe not ex’s.

I spoke to soon, clicking around, I see there is a testimonial page for regular members.

I asked a few people to write me one, we’ll see how good friends they really are. Looks like you can only have three testimonials at one time. Does that mean you can change them around? Match.com Customer Care must review all testimonials. This process may take up to 72 hours. I wonder what the threshold for an inappropriate testimonial is.

“He lasted a long time in bed, but fell asleep to quickly”
“What he lacked in ability he more than made up for in…”
“Unless you like momma’s boys, avoid him like the plague”

People are going to have fun with this. Here’s the Match My Friends FAQ.