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Date.com has implemented an exit survey powered by Upsellit. They are a previous client, but I never heard about these new items on the website.

On their quizzes page they have “Cool stuff to stick on your blog”, including a quiz and a hot or not calculator. I like how you have to take the quiz and then you are provided with the code for your blog. Maybe Meir can tell us more about this.

I can’t believe I only scored 45%, that’s pretty sad given the amount of time I spend on dating sites, updating my profile, etc.

45%Take the quiz! Try Personals at Date.com

This is so much cooler than the Mac Dashboard widget that Match created a few years ago. Never worked for me and looks like it’s dead in the water. Not that I should be surprised that Match would try something, then leave it hanging for years.
Besides the fact that it reaffirmed that I am indeed a stud (nothing could be farther from the truth), The Hot or Not quiz was pretty lame. Questions were neither interesting, evocative or particularly fun.
Hot or Not Calculator Take the quiz! Try Dating Site at Date.com
OkCupid copywriting is some of the best in the casual dating business, dating site editors take note.

We’ll see how many blogs embed the quizzes. Who wants to guess how popular they are?