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Jangl is on a real tear. Now that Match.com took the bait, every large dating and social network is inviting anonymous calling companies to pitch their services. Baaaa! (that’s my sheep sound.)

The latest to enter the game is Various Inc, which owns the FriendFinder network. Adult FriendFinder is the only property that anyone I’ve ever talked to can remember in the entire 20+ site FF network.

Investor reticence about the sex industry is changing

Speaking of Adult FriendFinder, it looks like they have spun up the PR machine to see if anyone wants to buy them. Some day the bank suits are going to realize that Vice funds are worth a ton of money, right now the majority are too scared to tarnish their image, although certain boutique firms are entering the fray.

Previous vox providers to the dating/social space were too early to the game, didn’t have robust enough feature and online dating was still considered too sketchy for most.

With Skype and videocams getting more popular, multimedia chat is becoming more mainstream. We’ve been saying that for a few years now, although Jangl’s 20 million user market potential certainly brings an air of authenticity to the situation.

Jangl and their competitors are in final review at a few top-10 dating sites that I know of. I’m sure there are many more deals in progress.

Via Mashable.