Looks like the new trend in online dating is finding out what kind of dog you are, your stripper name or your love score. Even PlentyOfFish is getting into the game.

Here at Plentyoffish.com we have gone and hired some of the worlds leading experts in Personality Testing. These experts have built the personality tests you pay $60/month for at paid dating services.

By taking their work to the next level they have now designed and built a compatibility test which will allow Plentyoffish.com to give you matches you will have chemistry with!

Take the test today and start meeting people you have chemistry with!

Markus has never really warmed to the concept of personality tests, but given that he’s at a stalemate about what direction to take PoF in since Facebook has been stealing a good portion of his traffic, it looks as if he has set his sights on eHarmony and Chemistry.com.

Two months ago Markus said:

I’ve looked into personality testing, and from what i’ve heard from sites using it, if tests are not part of the signup process less then 10% of daters are willing to use it.

He goes on to talk about OKCupid not being a dating sites, but more of an Emode testing site with a dating spin. I never thought Markus would add testing to the site, it didn’t make sense before and still doesn’t to me, but I’m sure he will get jillions of people to take the test and then have something else to compare PoF to other dating sites.

The Plentyoffish Compatibility Test (POFCT) measures five broad dimensions of personality that are each essential for building a romantic relationship. It’s not the case that a person must be “high� on each of the personality characteristics to be in a relationship. Instead, what is important is how your personality interacts with the personality of your romantic partner on each dimension. Or what is commonly called “chemistry.� Based on decades of empirical research in psychology, the POFCT captures the five key ingredients that can determine whether or not two people have the “right� chemistry.

Self-Confidence, family orientation, self-control, openess and easygoingness are the five ingredients. I’m not a scientist, and I have strong reservations about the validity of all testing proceedures, but these seem like just about every other test out there. If those questions were developed by the world’s leading experts in personality testing, I’d like to see their credentials and an analysis of their methods.

Most dating sites are too scared people will see the wizard behind the curtain when it comes to serious tests. You can argue one test is better than another, but the test doesn’t make the service what it is, it’s the people.

Here’s the PoF personality test and the FAQ.