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First, a shout-out and big thanks to long-time sponsor Userplane for their ongoing support.

On today’s menu: freshly redesigned rate sheets, new ad sizes and additional sponsorship opportunities. Online Dating Insider is a prime location to get your company out in front of the online dating industry, the media covering it and the people looking to invest in the space.

The New York Times mention had our server glowing white-hot this week. Thanks for all the comments, people really came out of the woodwork to talk about True.com. I hope the same happens as we focus more on dating site software systems.

New design coming soon!

Take a look at the our Consulting services. Site evaluations, how to drive traffic to your site, business model analysis (hint: contact us before you launch if possible) and much more.
Is your company listed in the Tools & Services section? It’s getting a major refresh in coming days.

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