My friend GPC, who used to do PR for eHarmony, went to the Web Innovators Group last night in Cambridge. I am deep into a project and couldn’t tear myself from the monitor and Greg was nice enough to post his review of the companies that presented.

One company which stuck out was TrustPlus, which is creating portable identities. This ties nicely into my earlier post about Identity Verification Services. It’s like Rapleaf, Trufina and Opinity all rolled into one.

TrustPlus is a service that allows you to receive and create reputation anywhere you go online. TrustPlus allows you to collect your existing reputation, collect new reputation as you interact and transact anywhere you surf, and provides you with meaningful analysis of the reputation of people with whom you are interacting and transacting online. TrustPlus is currently operational for craigslist® posts. Additional sources of trust will be added soon and frequently.

I’m not a fan of having another email address, but this is looks like they are off to a good start.

How much money is a background-checked and ID’d member with a solid reputation worth to a dating site? How much more likely is that person to have a better experience on said dating site? Does anyone have any research they can share into this? Most background check companies immediately go to the financial value proposition, although there are several inherently intangible positives to offering identity verification services to dating and social networking users.