There are some games that might work on a dating site, others, definitely not. When I was first learning Sudoku over Christmas, my family and I were yelling at each other so much and pencils were flying that I thought someone was going to loose an eye. We really enjoy each other’s company too. I love Sudoku, and playing it in a multi-player environment could be cool, but probably a bit too frustrating for most people in a dating context.

I received an email from Dr. Yoav Zibin, who runs an Israeli company called Come2Play.

We make multiplayer games, which we try to sell to dating services. Currently we make normal casual games (like Chess, Backgammon, and stuff we invented like a multiplayer Sudoku), but we wish to make special games for dating. You can see our games in supereva, an Italian dating website,, and MSN Israel.

Screaming “In YO Face!” at some woman you just met online during a heated round of Counterstrike is not conducive to establishing a relationship. Games that bring out your better side are more appropriate. Collaborative games that enable people to expose some of their personality and maybe win a few bucks or points towards highlighted profiles or other fee-based options are a good idea and worth exploring.

Userplane, Vivox or Skype for audio/visual, Thomas Technologies for personality profiling and Come2Play for interaction. A nice Friday bundle of services to make your site a little more sticky.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, I’m off to the beach for the weekend.

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