Andrey Sivtsov, General Director, BoonEx Group, sent along clarifications about the BoonEx/AEWebworks deal. It was a bit confusing to say the least which is why I am writing this. Bias alert: Boonex/AE is an advertiser, if you think the amount of money I get from the few ads on this blog is enough to bias me you don’t know enough about blogging.

BoonEx is a privately owned company, based in Kyrgyz Republic, established in the end of 2005. BoonEx was founded by AEwebworks co-owner. In the end of 2005 AEwebworks properties were split between co-owners and AEwebworks website along with aeDating software legally became a property of BoonEx Group.

BoonEx will continue to support all AEwebworks customers and aeDating software, as per aeDating license agreement. Theyrecommend switching to Dolphin or Shark, as they believe that BoonEx delivery terms and support system is more effective for customers than those of AEwebworks.

What is Shark? Shark is dating business software. Shark was designed and developed by BoonEx Group from ground up and it is a truly high-end product for running a high-scale dating website. Shark has compiled C-based backend and PHP/AJAX-based front-end. Shark doesn’t have the variety of functions as Dolphin does, because it has different philosophy. They are working on the main engine, trying to polish it, while extra features can be developed individually for any specific customer. Shark is meant to be a corporate solution with main focus on business and marketing tools, greater stability and security levels.

BoonEx is now in the process of porting popular aeDating templates into Dolphin (web community software). They also plan to release a few new products and upgrade current ones.

More on Ray, Barracuda and Dolphin.

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