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Why Advertise On ODI?

Online Dating Insider (ODI) is a highly-targeted niche blog featuring online dating industry news & commentary. As the primary blog covering the business of online dating since 2002, ODI ranks highly on Google which is why savvy marketers continue to reach out about advertising on ODI.

Advertising on ODI is a cost-effective way to reach the multi-billion-dollar dating industry.

I’ve written 4,000 blog posts featuring leading-edge insight and commentary on all aspects of the business of online dating, ranging from industry news, site reviews, emerging trends, analysis of dating site features, discussion about safety, finance and other high-impact issues facing the online dating industry.


  • Dating entrepreneurs looking for resources
  • Online dating industry executives
  • Investors interesting in online dating
  • Dating industry vendors
  • International mainstream media
  • Partners looking to partner with dating sites
  • Receives general singles traffic as well due to great organic Google ranking for many topical dating-related terms.


7,500 monthly visitors from Google searches. Peak audience has been at times ~30k monthly visitors. Facebook and Twitter (7,221  followers on 10-13-16).


Online Dating Insider has been mentioned countless times in the NY Times, NPR Marketplace, Economist, Bloomberg TV, Today Show, Newsweek, Huffington Post and many international media outlets.

Every week without fail, reporters and investors continue to see your ads and ask me about trends in the industry, hot new sites, vendors and advertisers.


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  • Long-term discounts available

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Contact me for pricing and more information. Open to frank discussion about ways to monetize the blog while respecting the quality of my efforts.

Dave Evans
Editor, Online Dating Insider