At OKCupid, Openness is The Key to Success

Great article about OKCupid in the New York Times, Looking for a Date? A Site Suggests You Check the Data. In its fight against much bigger competitors like, PlentyOfFish and eHarmony, it has tried a number of marketing techniques, often with little success. But the blog, which OkCupid started in October, has helped get the company’s name out on other blogs and … [Read more...]

PlentyofFish Demands Income Description

Saw this while browsing PlentyofFish: Please enter your income, we use it for matchmaking and it will never appear on your profile! You will not show up in the rows of images on top of pages, My Matches and many other sections of the site until you do. This is also probably used for courting advertisers and targeting purposes. Nothing to keep people from selecting whatever … [Read more...]

PlentyofFish Launches Serious Member Badges

After remaining free since it's inception, PlentyofFish has officially launched the Serious Member feature. I was able to add my badge, which you can see in the screenshot below. It's gigantic, like the sun. I don't hold open doors for women, I kick puppies and regularly taunt old ladies, but I'm a serious member now. How will this affect my interaction with women on … [Read more...]

Plentyoffish Website Changes

Dating site PlentyofFish has made some recent changes outlined in this blog post. Spent some time this weekend and rewrote parts of the site… 1. Ditched the paid virtual gifts on the weekend not really core to what we are doing. 2. Instead of allowing you to remove people from searches I added a new search that removes any profile you have ever viewed from the … [Read more...]

Plentyoffish Inc. Magazine Interview

I just read on Twitter that the Inc. Magazine article about PlentyOfFish is live. And the Money Comes Rolling In covers much of founder Markuk Frind's personal as well as professional life, including his site's rise as one of the most popular web destinations. Entrepreneurs, do not read the article near sharp objects or firearms, you will want to use them on yourself when … [Read more...]

Plenty Of Fish Extends Workday to 90 Minutes

Once held up as a shining example of how to succeed by working as little as possible, PlentyOfFish founder Markus Frind made a series of stunning announcement this week which have sent shockwaves of despair through the global get-rich-quick and affiliate marketing communities. Entrepreneur fanboys, Microsoft programmers and bloggers were also saddened to learn that founder of … [Read more...] Ranked #1 In UK

As the peak internet dating season approaches, Plentyoffish continues to trounce the free dating site competition. In the international arena, 7.2 million people in the UK visited the worlds largest free dating site in October, as opposed to 4.3 million and 2.1 million for Meetic and Match, respectively. The press release I received states that a the main difference in how … [Read more...]

Plentyoffish Worth $1 Billion According to Founder

I was reading Steve Rubel's post about yet another Internet bubble about to burst, which led me to this article that says is worth $1 billion according to it's founder. POF being valued at one billion dollars? Not a chance. Hundreds of millions? Definitely. Markus, owner of Plentyoffish, recently  spoke with Read/WriteWeb: But the crux of Markus' argument … [Read more...]

Friday 9-7- Linkdump

OK Cupid's Sam Yagan Boston Globe Interview. Great backstory. Four questions to Alex Panelli, CEO, Trilibis Mobile: We recently launched MatchMobile in partnership with The original launch included availability of a fully integrated mobile dating service in the US, UK and Canada. We will be deploying the service in additional 9 markets (and 9 languages) by the … [Read more...]

Plentyoffish Relationship Needs Assessment

Plentyoffish has officially launched a relationship needs assessment feature. I believe this is the feature I wrote about back in May in a post titled PlentyofFish Is Now I had to re-read the title twice. Funny choice of words. The Relationship Needs Assessment determines in great detail a person’s overt and hidden needs in a relationship. But that’s not … [Read more...]