Selecting the Right Dating Site Software

Mark Brooks is starting a list of Dating Software and Services similar to my Tools & Services directory. At least that's what I though until I looked at the date of the post, April 13, 2006. I thought it was from last week. My inability to read dates correctly, I couldn't help but start writing responses to commenters, albeit one year later. To get started: here are … [Read more...]

Installing Boonex Dolphin in 42 Minutes

I was on the phone today with a client who had an older version of aeWebworks (now called Boonex) dating software, which is now called Dolphin. I went over to Boonex and checked out the live demo and thought, what the heck, lets' see how difficult it is to install. Disclaimer: Now before people get all worked up, remember, this is an unscientific undertaking and I am not an … [Read more...]

New Dating Script

Dmitry Rudakov wrote from Moscow to tell me about his social-dating software script AbleDating. All he said was that they pay attention to some “tastyâ€? things like 3d chat, games etc. Has anyone used this? Leave a comment is you have any experience with this $597 script. Screenshots remind me a little of Cyworld, the US version of the immensely popular South Korean social … [Read more...]

GPLDate, New Dating Site Software

Several times a week people ask me to recommend which dating site software or platform is "the best." Being that I am not a developer, I point people to the Tools area as a good starting point and let them come to their own conclusion, hopefully with a knowledgeable developer close at hand. Intrepid online dating entrepreneurs may want to check out GPLDate, which Rob … [Read more...]

Online Matchmaking With Virtual Dates

Yesterday I had coffee with Jeana Frost, creator of Virtual Dates, an application well suited for the icebreaker portion of meeting someone online. You know the feeling. Someone catches your eye, but their profile doesn't leave you with much to start a conversation with. You sit there re-reading the profile over and over, trying to glean that tidbit of information that's going … [Read more...]

Friday 8-25 Links: JDate, Apple,, SkaDate, Facebook

JDupe: PocketChange mag dupes women into meeting mirage Richard Nouveau via JDate. Re-Tribe: Mark Pincus is back as CEO of after being ousted in April. (possible hoax?) Ex eDonkey (file sharing service) CEO starts YADS (Yet Another Dating Site). Supposedly traffic is thriving. Version 5 of SkaDate software is available. What is it with the Eastern European lock on … [Read more...]

Dating Software Reviews

Dating Software Reviews is a community of webmasters and dating scripts clients that offer reviews of online dating applications and services provided by dating software development companies. Dating platforms range from php to asp based applications, free, private and hosted solutions. As with all community forums and review sites, your mileage may, no, will, vary. Some … [Read more...]

ModMySite Dating Software Forum

I just found out about ModMySite, a forum focused on the discussion, support, and modification of PHP/MySQL based Internet Dating applications. We currently support aeWebWorks AEdating, BoonEx Dolphin, and other popular dating platforms. Forums include topics like General Troubleshooting, Bugs, BBS, Forums, Blogs, Guestbooks, Chat, Shoutbox, Instant Messenger, Database, … [Read more...]

BoonEx Dating Software Revolution

Andrey Sivtsov, General Director, BoonEx Group, sent along clarifications about the BoonEx/AEWebworks deal. It was a bit confusing to say the least which is why I am writing this. Bias alert: Boonex/AE is an advertiser, if you think the amount of money I get from the few ads on this blog is enough to bias me you don't know enough about blogging. BoonEx is a privately owned … [Read more...]

Interview with Webscribble

I recently found out about a company called Webscribble, which has a private-label dating site software solution called webDate. The only other major offering I've come across that approached the same feature set is from AE Webworks. Since I get asked about private-lable sites all the time, and being an inquisitive guy, I emailed Webscribble to find out more about the company … [Read more...]