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The iDate Award Winners were announce yesterday. I prefer the yearly awards myself. The ballot-box stuffing and sheer number of unheard of sites made a read through this years winners an exercise in editorial restraint.

Best Dating Site: POF, which beat out by 1%. Seriously? I can think of 10 other sites which should have been on the list. What is that?

This is the second-best designed dating site?




The “best” dating site software is from a company I have never heard of, HubPeople.

I did some work with, they won Best Mobile Dating App, so go team!

Best matchmaker and best coach: How can anyone possible judge this?

HubPeople won for most innovative company. Huh?

World Dating Company (never heard of them) won for Best New Technology. WDP is the company behind (second-best Produce Design).

The best affiliate program is for A Foreign Affair. Someone, help me here!

Zoosk’s marketing campaign were rated tops. Does anyone watch the Match commercials? Even some of eHarmony’s ads this year were great. Surprised that Ashley Madison didn’t get a nod, their billboards are hard to miss.

Best Up and Coming Dating Site: A client is on this list which is great. What about the other sites? By that I mean I track new sites very closely, and most on this list I’ve never heard of.

Best Niche Dating Site went to LoveMe (A Foreign Affair). Christian Mingle didn’t win? That’s crazy.

I’ve seen 25 different Oscar’s nominations posts on social media today. I think I got one email from iDate about the awards.  Maybe iDate will up their game next year, because these results are disservice to the online dating industry and frankly, a joke.

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  1. Hi David,

    You raise some good points and hopefully the organisers will take your feedback into consideration.

    As I understand it, the voting is based simply on how many votes a company gets. Voters need to verify their email address. But there’s no weighting given to votes from industry professionals (which is how it used to be).

    So effectively companies can go to Amazon Turk, Crowdflower or any other crowd sourcing platform, pay 1cents per vote and get the most votes.

    I’m sure the award organisers are aware of this now (I believe they had the same issue last year) and will consider re-introducing industry based voting.

    Disclosure – won 4 awards when the awards were voted by our peers rather than sheer numbers. So I may have a bias ;)


  2. PS – I’m not suggesting any of the award winners used these techniques and I’m sure they’ll all fine and worthy winners. It’s just important for the integrity of the awards that this potential loop hole is addressed so that there can’t be allegations of vote-buying as this diminishes the great achievements of the award winners.

  3. @Ross ^^

    Totally agree with the crowdflower / mTurk gamification of the process. It would be more meaningful to hire subject matter experts, or use standardized metrics that were verified by a 3rd party.

  4. You’d be amazed at who is on . I saw a young respectable girl from my local bar on there (you can search by region, town, village you name it) completely naked. I was dumbstruck. I have seen her since and am thinking whether to give her the wink and the nod to let her know I know…hahah.

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