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Zoosk Cleaning Up for IPO

zoosk IPO girlsGetting lots of calls from people wanting to talk about Zoosk lately, and now this. Zoosk is preparing to go public, having picked Bank of America to lead its initial public offering. Looks like an acquisition is off the table for now, and finally we will be able to parse Zoosk’s earnings and other previously opaque financials.

By most accounts, it appears that Zoosk is making either running at a slight profit or a loss. So they’re going to take all the newfound money and pump it into marketing, what else can they do to get profitable? Six-plus years is a long time to be in the red, they need to do something to fill the company coffers while they continue to optimize in-app purchases and conversions.

Zoosk has raised more than $60 million from investors including ATA Ventures, CanaanPartners, Bessemer Venture Partners and Crosslink Capital. This guy is going to be one happy camper.

P.S. I like to Zoosk home page, slick content scrolling

More at SFGate.

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  1. Fernando Ardenghi says:

    It is not cleaning up, it is bridal makeup.
    Several investors plan to recover their money and then put Zoosk to sleep.
    Tinder has not any revenue. It is free because Tinder and Twoo, are marketing tools to migrate free users to Match/ Meetic and make them pay there. It seems other social dating applications are decaying just now, like Badoo, Zoosk, Skout, Twine, AreYouInterested, etc.

    Remember failed ones? like: LikeIt / TheCompleteMe, Comiingle, LikeBright, Perceptual Networks, Zingl, Engage (then rebranded to Ignighter group dating, then rebranded again to StepOut), Thread, Triangulate, Gelato (then rebranded to Twnty), WooMe, 12Like, LittleHint, SmartDate and others.

    Social dating is vaporware. Online Dating for serious daters does not need to be more social, it needs to be more effective/efficient. It needs to reduce the false positives problem.

  2. Agree about investors, but putting Zoosk to sleep is a silly thing to say. *Part* of Tinders appeal is to drive traffic to Match properties, but that’s not the entire end game.

    LikeBright is definitely not failed, they are taking their time, big difference.

    I agree with your last statement though, social dating could be considered a drag on mainstream dating, especially when they’re all fighting for the same clicks.

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