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Zoosk Owns Casual Dating,Tops $40 Million Revenue In 1Q 2013

Zoosk announced record revenues of $40 million in the first quarter of 2013. $40 million!!! Looks like Zoosk could have a $200 million dollar year. Available in 25 languages and serving more than 70 countries, the company has raised more than $40 million in equity from Bessemer Venture Partners, ATA Ventures and Canaan Partners. Via Biz Journals.

Also in the first quarter of 2013, Zoosk’s website experienced a 116 percent increase in monthly total unique visitors compared to the same period last year. For its mobile products, the number of monthly active users increased more than 200 percent year-over-year. Zoosk attributes this growth to its distinctive approach to matchmaking and a strategic focus on mobile. Via Marketwired.

Great numbers and congrats to Zoosk on throwing up big numbers. $200 million a year puts them in eHarmony territory, and the two sites couldn’t be different in terms of user demographics. Zoosk is definitely one of the kings of casual dating. I wonder what Badoo is doing these days? Last year all the talk was about them hitting $150 million. POF could have been doing this kind of revenue as well, right? And don’t forget Twoo, they could make a big run now that they are owned by Meetic.


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  1. Fernando Ardenghi says:

    Hey Dave: can you call Zoosk and ask them about earnings? Because as it seems Zoosk is mostly a dating application at Facebook, its expenditures could be higher than revenues? I thought they were half dead, because its press releases page is freezed since 2011. Do you remember Zoosk was hacked this March 2013?
    Badoo seems to be a deflating bubble, slowly dying!

  2. Pretty awesome numbers…

  3. Pretty inflated numbers IMHO

  4. I cant help but feel quite sick when i read that Zoosk made $40 mil in Q1 2013. All made from people paying for subscriptions so they can send and read messages! WTF!!! Here’s my thoughts…. You could have saved yourselves $40 million in subscriptions fees and made use of a completely free site which gives you everything Zoosk does and more! You could have just by clicking an advert donated to cancer research and you could have known for sure that the person whom your talking with on the dating site is definitely the person in the images. but hey…. if you prefer to pay, not donate to cancer research and also be unsure if the person your talking to is actually the person in the profile images then Zoosk is definitely for you!

  5. bill johnson says:

    i don’t think the run rate is $200M. 4 x $40M is $160M but the first quarter is likely to be the strongest. So the actual annual run rate might be $100-$130M. A big accomplishment, albeit with likely slim to nonexistent margins.

  6. Fernando Ardenghi says:

    Keating Capital had invested in Zoosk last March 2012 and now its planning Zoosk IPO.
    Zoosk is a bubble, only supported by big marketing budget.
    Zoosk competitor’s Badoo is collapsing now.

    Other news:
    Affinitas Gmbh is planning to launch eDarling Japan.
    Match Japan received major redesign.
    After Mandy Ginsberg departure last 30th April, Chemistry will be closed soon.
    IAC, parent company of Match, is going to acquire PlentyOfFish (POF) soon.

  7. I recently read the Inc magazine articles on these guys on how they came to America from Iran. They are truly an American success story.

  8. Not bad money for pushing ones and zeros around!

    Sometimes when I’m looking at these sites I’m simply dumbfounded to remember the huge amounts of cash just sliding in their front doors!

  9. I though Zoosk disappeared a long time ago, and am surprised to know that they are still around and making money.Zoosk was definitely popular then, but Badoo and Twoo are rising competitors.

  10. wowow they are huge numbers but I think pof still most popular dating website and sure will stay popular long time.

  11. Fernando Ardenghi says:

    Zoosk’s Preliminary Prospectus dated April 17, 2014

    “Our Behavioral Matchmaking engine generally prioritizes the display of profiles of members who are more active higher in displays of potential connections, although we do not specifically monitor the number of profiles that have not had recent activity.”
    READ as 20% of most active members will be responsible of the 80% of whole traffic/activity of the site, if those 20% most active persons migrate to Tinder, then Zoosk will be GAME OVER.

    “Subscription. We primarily generate revenues from subscriptions. We offer our members one-, three- and six-month subscription plans which typically automatically renew. ”

    BUT they have TERRIBLE expensive subscription rates.
    1 Month: USD 69.98
    3 Months: USD 52.49 per month
    6 Months: USD 34.99 per month

    See also info from:

    Zoosk: 6 (six) long years operating at a loss!

    Zoosk’s IPO is a dirty trick for its former investors to recover their money and then put Zoosk to sleep. I really hope they fail in its IPO.
    Remember its Management Team can not innovate and revolutionize the Online Dating Industry. They can cook a barbecue under the water, they are smoke sellers, but they are not going to innovate in nothing, like
    (and perhaps HowAboutWe and PlentyOfFish)

    They do not deserve success.

    My conclusion:
    Tinder is demolishing Zoosk. Zoosk is NOT profitable and will never be profitable, it is only a bubble sustained by a big marketing budget. Investors had put over USD 61 Million and now want to recover that money and after that, they will put Zoosk to sleep.

    Please read also:
    More juicy info about Zoosk IPO.

    but Investors Should NOT Be Enthusiastic About Tinder.

    • Fernando Ardenghi says:

      From Zoosk Amendment No. 2 Registration No. 333-195320

      NET LOSS: USD 6.7 million Q1 2014!
      Revenue: USD 50.12 million during Q1 2014 (USA USD 26.71 million, International USD 23.40 million)
      721,000 subscribers
      27 million registered members
      Working capital (deficit) of USD 33.5 million!
      Total accumulated deficit of USD 102.28 million.

      721,000 subscribers / 27 million registered members == 2.7% conversion rate.
      (Profitable sites operate with a 5% conversion rate)
      Zoosk subscription plans are terrible expensive (“in the United States range from approximately USD 30 for our one-month plan to approximately USD 75 for our six-month plan.”)
      Prospective daters can use Tinder or PlentyOfFish (POF) for free.

      Many online dating sites have Behavioral Matchmaking engines like Zoosk. Synapse from Match, UltraMatch from PlentyOfFish (POF) and they can not outperform personality matching methods like the one used at eHarmony.

      Moreover, since Zoosk was founded and funded, never made a dime in profit. Since 2007 operating at a loss!
      Astonished to see how they try to sell a failure as a big success citing rubbish statistics from IBISWorld report.

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