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Inside OKCupid: The Math Of Online Dating

Here’s How OkCupid Uses Math to Find Your Match.

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  1. The reason why OKCupid’s “Matching Algorithm” is inadequate is because the data they collect by asking users to “explicitly” answer questions about themselves and what they look for in others, is utter garbage. The saying goes: “Garbage in, garbage out.” Tons of boring questions, irrelevant contexts, users spend over 45min giving data about themselves for data mining. While OKCupid is an “old dog with new tricks”, the matching is incomplete and the data used for it is contaminated with “explicit positive portrayals”. I feel OKCupid lacks expertise in certain sciences and humanities.

    OKCupid and all other dating sites that base their compatibility scores on “explicit” data (or stimuli) are forgetting that us humans portray ourselves in a more positive light, whether purposefully or unknowingly. All the time. Let’s face it. We sugar coat things, make ourselves appear better than we really are, don’t we? And if the goal is to “market oneself” in a singles market, then we’re going to be biased about how nice, cool, successful, good looking and romantic we are. Aren’t we?

    Example, ask anyone the question: “Are you generous?” Who is going to say: “No, I’m a scrooge?” This is especially true in online dating. In the jobs market 25% of people lie/exaggerate on their CVs (resumes), and for online dating we at Flirt Planet will start the field research soon. I bet my shorts that the variances on personality traits measured by explicit vs implicit scales reach over 50%!

    The online dating industry needs a “Matching Sauce” that takes into account the “implicit data” that we get from each person. That is, tapping into the subconscious of each user, and basing some (or all) of the compatibility analysis on that “implicit personality test”. Yes, we have that test, and it takes only 2-4 minutes. Relevant, reliable and unbiased data goes in, which means that both users are a MUCH a better match for one another. That’s the whole point, is it not? With the current breed of old dog dating sites, there are a lot of people who just “pose and show off” to market themselves. That makes it harder to select the ones who are right for you! Cutting out this “noise” means we can focus on the real goal: finding a compatible hook-up, friend, partner, soul mate … whomever you are searching for.

    Wouldn’t it be cool to have a dating site where everyone tells the truth and isn’t hiding away any secrets, without having to voice nor out any sensitive views, preserving certain levels of anonymity?

    Well it’s coming soon! Flirt Planet’s live test version is on Facebook now. The full Dating Service with our Matching Sauce is coming in a few months. Stay tuned.

    Love, Seb

    • How do you get relevant, reliable and unbiased data? Behavioral data seems to be key here. People say they want one type of person but they message completely different types. If you have some PhD’s on staff building testing and algo’s, great.

      What’s up with requiring the Unity plugin on your Facebook page? That is one crazy looking app, not sure anyone is going to take that seriously regardless of your matching system.

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