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OkCupid Hides User Photos For The Day, Re-Launches Crazy Blind Date

okcupid goes crazy
Sam Yagan, co-founder of OkCupid and President of Match, just emailed me to let me know that Crazy Blind Date is baaaaack.

Not only that, every single profile photo on OkCupid is blanked out today.  Every one of the ten million photos on OkCupid has been removed from the site; members logging into OkCupid today will have to make their dating decisions based on words and wits rather than abs and, well, other body parts.

Okcupid is crazy for blind datesTalk about a novel launch promotion. It’s too bad the Crazy Blind Date feature on the site is throwing errors for me.

With Crazy Blind Date, both you and your date’s identities are hidden. Before your date you can chat it up to figure out logistics, or talk about your favorite color. After the date, award each other Kudos, which helps us find you the best dates out there.

Longtime readers will remember the first incarnation of Crazy Blind Date which launched in 2007 and was taken down shortly thereafter.

Going on a Crazy Blind Date takes less than a minute:

1. Download the Crazy Blind Date app for iPhone or Android.
2. Choose which nights this week you want to go on dates.
3. Pick your favorite bar or coffee shop.
4. Go on with your day; Crazy Blind Date does the rest.

Once Crazy Blind Date has found a compatible date, it will send a confirmation to both parties and then it’s game on. One hour before the scheduled date, Crazy Blind Date will open up an anonymous IM window so the daters can easily find each other.

“People will say that Crazy Blind Date is too crazy,” said Sam Yagan, Co-Founder of OkCupid, “But for a whole generation of young singles, it’s going to be a great adventure, and a great complement to traditional online dating.”

Users should share their Crazy Blind Date stories via Twitter using the hashtag, #CrazyBlindDate.

Crazy Blind Date was designed in collaboration with Huge, a design firm headquartered in Brooklyn New York.

Go ahead, get crazy (iPhone & Android).

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  1. If you had a good date, you’ll be encouraged to give your date kudos: one kudos ($0.99) if you liked your date, and 10 kudos ($2.99) if you really liked him or her. The more kudos someone has, the higher he or she will be positioned in the dating queue. OkCupid co-founder Sam Yagan is betting that women will be the ones to pay for this, at a ratio of about 3:1. Source:

  2. So dumb. I get around 20 messages a day from disgusting, fat, ugly, or weird guys .. so this idea needs to GO! I want to find someone that ‘I’ find attractive, someone who fits my ethnic background, my hair and eye color …plus ANYONE can lie about their on age on this. You can tell easily if someone is really 35 years old and not 25 as they claim to be on their profile. This thing is retarded.

  3. While it may work for people whose photos are, shall we say, prohibitive, it stopped the activity of the website in its tracks. I haven’t received ONE profile view since 8:50 am today. I usually get about 20-30 views per day.

    It’s not like this site is known for it’s atypically hot and attractive clientele. That would remove some of the risk. Who the hell wants to accept a blind date only to show up and meet the “typical” OKCupid member?

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