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Facebook Graph Searches For Dating Are Here

It looks like some people are already getting live access to Facebook’s Graph Search. Of course there is a Tumblblog called Actual Facebook Graph Searches. Today’s entry was “Single women who live nearby and who are interested in men and like Getting Drunk.

Dating sites are lucky because many singles prefer to visit a single-purpose site that reflects their intent. But for many of us, Search Graph is a fine way to find local dates. The problem them becomes getting people to publish enough profile data to be useful, especially relationship status, which social dating sites tell me is a painfully low number. I see that all the time when I’m matched with married people and my own relatives. It would be cool if social dating sites could get a person to fill in their relationship status and push that back to FB. Is that even possible?


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  1. Facebook has become the ultimate dating tool for every guy out there! It can massively improve your confidence when talking to women online. Why? Because rejection will be in the virtual world, and finally success with women will come in real world.

    I know this stuff from Tristan Hart’s FB inception dating system.


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