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OKCupid’s My Best Face Remains Awesome

OKCupid's My Best Face Is Awesome

Here’s a link to my OkCupid My Best Face crowdsourced photo evaluation. The results are absolutely incredible, almost TMI (too much information). Love how they show you who voted for you and make it easy to message them. Only problem is you have to rate 100 people to get your ratings started. Every dating site should have this feature. It could be cool of OKC turned this into a widget that dating sites could embed. One of these days the feature is going to show up on Match, DateHookup, Meetic, Chemistry, etc.

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  1. True, if it worked, but it doesn’t, there’s something buggy about it. I’ve used it about 8 time and I have compared past results via a spreadsheet (I know, but I’m geeky and I wanted more samples) and I noticed two things:
    1. My photo ranking from previous go-rounds has CHANGED. I.e., the top-ranked photo from my first round is now 4th. That’s just one example. Thinking perhaps the program has allowed people to continue to vote on those pics, I counted the # of votes. This leads me to point #2 which is even worse than #1.
    2. Last time I looked, 34 votes were made on my first round of pictures. Not that tally is 31! How can there be fewer votes?

    • The My Best Face Feature is completely useless because women are useless at making up their minds, sorry don’t know if the same can be said about men since my only experience is with women ranking. Use the same pics over and over again, and you will quickly notice extremely high variability not only in your scoring, but also in just the raw accepting and rejecting numbers. I can easily get 25 point score swings with the same pic, and 70% swings in the accepting and rejecting. Explain how that can be useful for anyone, if your pic can be both good and bad at the very same time?

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