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Dating Site Bloggers Need To Step Up Their Game

HowAboutWe Dating Site Blog

Its amazing how many dating sites don’t take the time to write a blog or post up social media content. For all the grief I give HowAboutWe on the premise of their business model, their blog kicks the cr@p out of just about every other dating site blog (I don’t spent every waking day looking at dating site blogs, and I’m sure I’m missing some great ones).

HowAboutWe is all about the under-30 (35?) crowd, and the blog accurately reflects the reading habits of this demographic, for the most part at least. I’m jaded because after reading the same Valentine’s Day polls and first date best practices I want to fall on my sword, but HAW keeps things fresh and should be commended for their efforts.

For a comparison, go to the Match blog. Its 90% success stories, which must work for them, because when you’re the 800-pound gorilla/Amazon/big-box retailer in the dating industry, you don’t really have a niche, can’t be edgy, have to cater to flyover red states, and all sorts of people who would probably bail the moment a photo with too much cleavage showed up on the blog. Or God forbid successful gay relationships.

But Match probably makes more in an day than HAW makes in a year, so there’s that to consider.¬†What other awesome dating site blogs are out there? I need you to recommend your favorites.

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  1. the okcupid one seems to do well dont they ?

  2. Great post. I agree that blogging is key for a dating website to communicate with the audience in an informal setting about useful information. We’ve taken the time to blog about dating and relationships at eventsNdates. You can access our blog at

  3. I agree with this post. Many dating sites have too much of the same thing and need something more to help in the dating field. I have heard many stories from various sites about their dating and the people they meet. There’s a site about a lot of their stories called If you like reading various Dating Stories ranging from funny to sensual, this is a good site for you.

  4. LoveBlogs says:

    The Jazzed blog is pretty cool too – stuff to do on dates by city

  5. I just came across my HowAboutWe profile page in google search results by searching for my username, and to my surprise it said I was “Last online 2 days ago”… but I haven’t logged in for 8 months.

    Kinda scummy…

  6. Neal Travis says:

    Hi Arjun,

    I saw your website eventNDates. I just don’t get it.. It looks like it’s trying to do something like HowAboutWe but something that’s been put together over a weekend…

    Not to discourage you, but you need to step up you game.. I did a quick search for ppl in my area and not a single person showed up.. Did you take a look at Nerve and see how they are launching city by city?

    I just spent 5 mins and I got pissed off during my entire stay… What are you trying to do? Looks like a one man show!

  7. Communication is key in all relationships – You hit the nail right on the head!! I think Match is communicating to their market, and what they are saying is: “We work”. You are right – you don’t need a niche when you are the market leader.

    We have a great advice/online/dating blog at:
    lots of great date ideas, relationship advice, online dating tips etc….

  8. I have watched Bud Patterson’s video blogs. I’d say the guy knows what he is talking about.

  9. Audio and video dating sites e.g. help find a good date.

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  11. Blog for readers, not search engines and they will come and stay…

  12. Blogging takes time, and most of these online dating sites are not about offering a personalized service, they leave that to their members. Blogging takes effort, has to be relevant – and hopefully be a bit entertaining! And for a monster like, they have to hire a writer and appeal to the masses. Doesn’t really make for compelling reading. It begs the question, is it important to have a blog on a dating website?

  13. Great blog. Match blog was great …

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