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Badoo Want To Run A $100 Billion Company

Here’s the update on Badoo from LeWeb ’11 today, via Tech Crunch.

Badoo is a curious success story, if only for how little recognition or even awareness it has for its success. Badoo works like a social network based on location – you can find other users around you and connect with them or meet up. Founder Andrey Andreev explained that the concept was based on a telephone club he once visited, where each table was hooked up with a phone and a number. You could call the other tables and arrange to meet other people in the same bar. The concept was pretty seamlessly translated into an app and Andreev is now running a company with $100 million in revenue, 130 million users and 400 employees worldwide. It is particularly popular in the Latin American market, with Brazil and Mexico ranking among its most popular countries.

Though I’m not sure of the possibility of the app’s growth, Andreev is optimistic and claimed that he wanted to eventually run the company to be worth $100 billion!

$100 BILLION dollars for a scammy and spammy full-o-fakes hookup service? Is anyone else as incredulous about the prospects of this happening as I am? Sounds like someone has been watching The Social Network a few too many times.

Add Adult Friend Finder to the list of company’s Badoo is crushing, although Friend Finder Networks seems to be making a lot of their revenue from camgirls right now. Like it or not, that market is ridiculously-ripe for growth and opportunity.

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  1. How does AFF make money from Camgirls? Do they hire the CamGirls as employees or do the girls get the guys to pay them via paypal?

  2. What market do you mean is ripe for growth and opportunity? Do you mean the hookup market a la Friendfiender? Or what Badoo is going for?

  3. @joe AFAIK its a rev share split and the women are not employees. On some services you pay for viewing time through the site’s e-commerce system. Other systems use credits. Lots of woman try to get people to pay via PayPal to do an end run around the rev-share deal.

    @ Brian, I was talking about webcam services.

    Hookup market is so saturated and most sites have 5% women and 95% men, making your chances of meeting a real live person slim. But people still pay, partly for the voyeuristic opportunities. Most of the sites are glorified prostitution rings.

  4. Really? You think the webcam market will take off?…Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

  5. Your link goes on simplyzesty, not on techcrunch

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