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speeddateemailfail.jpgI received this email from Speeddate today. I am not exactly enthusiastic about meeting 52369, I prefer even numbers.

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  1. the email lacks personality cause it’s spam. i get incessantly spammed by speeddate and this email would indicate, it’s auto-generated. aren’t there spam laws against this stuff?

  2. It’s difficult to tell, in other emails, I see members with real-sounding usernames, not sure if it’s spam or not.

  3. SpeedDate gives users freedom to create whatever usernames they want. This member happens to have created a username with just numbers. Thinking of a clever username is often challenging for online dating site users, but we seldom see usernames that completely lack letters. Perhaps this person just really likes math?

  4. Hey, what is wrong with the name 52369? Just kidding… maybe SpeedDate aught to send e-mails linking matches by the user’s actual name instead of their username!

  5. It does sound rather automated and not something that would get me clicking to read their profile.

    I don’t think privacy policies would allow them to use real names instead of usernames, surely that is the point in having usernames to protect privacy?

  6. It’s some of the worst spam,

    I work on computers and was contacted by a client who signed up for and found everyone on his outlook contacts was being spammed. He did not authorize this with speed date and was horrified when he found business contacts being spammed for dates. After trying to reach speed date by phone and getting no where, I contacted them via email. I just received a terse reply saying that my client must have authorized it, but that they would send nothing else out in his name.

    Now according to my client, he never authorized them to send anything out in his name and I believe him. But, he is not the most computer savvy individual, and after looking at their site, I think things are set up to take advantage of people like that.

    I am in the process of filing a complaint against speed date on his behalf using the canned spam act as a guide. This may not do anything but if any of you wish to do the same please feel free. Maybe if enough people complain they maybe compelled to change their ways. Details of the act are available at this link:

    Also read their privacy policy, it reads down to “you have none” with speed date.

  7. By the way if you wish to complain to their web host, GoDaddy, you can reach them at:

  8. Please, Please, Please pass this on is a complete waste of money!!! They are a service connected with Facebook… It is full of scammers (Mostly from Ghana and the UK) and they care nothing about their subscribers!!!

  9. There is a option in profile setting,
    My profile > Account Settings > Email Notification

    By default, you will get separate emails for each event.
    Uncheck all.
    “Send me all my activity i.e. messages, winks etc in one mail (once per day)”
    You will get only one message per day.

  10. hi

  11. This site sux. I’ve been subscribed almost a month and got nothing back from any of the girls i’ve talked 2. If ur thinking about subscribing 2 speeddate,dont! Its a total wast of 40$. Any girls between the age of 19 and 27 that are looking 4 somebody, send me an email. I live in erie pa. I can’t count on speeddate, so i’ll try this. I have a good job, nice truck and I always buy when on a date.


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