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More people Meeting, Getting Married Online

oneinten.jpg One in eight people married last year in the US met online. That’s it? Let’s see that number somewhere around 3 and we’ll have something to talk about. Right now we’re still fumbling around trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

today I promise I will not be talking about the new niche site for mullet-lovers. I have standards, you know.

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  1. I am actually surprised that it’s that high. From my observations it doesn’t seem like there are that many people getting into serious relationships from online dating, let alone marriage… interesting.

  2. 1 in 8 couples *admit* to meeting online. Betcha it’s higher.

  3. I think we can agree that the number will continue to rise as dating sites get better at figuring out the right match/search/communicate system.

  4. Hi,
    I am John, Founder of We write online dating profiles for people looking for love online.

    Online Dating is here to stay-and each day more and more people find it comfortable to meet new people online.

    Would like to invite you to check out our services-there’s a 100% money back guarantee on the profiles we write for you-we are THAT confident on our work.


  5. Hi John, I started ProfileDoctor, doing the same thing, back in 2003. How’s business?

  6. Since about 50% of us singles are online and almost 75% of UK singles are online I wonder what the numbers for marriage are in the UK?

    Also it would be interesting to know what percentage of married came from sites like and yahoo personals vs. structured communication sites like or

    Also David I think that most Men anyway just don’t get how to communicate properly online and they blend in to the masses far to often.

    The ones that use a service like John has or at least write profiles and emails that stand out from the crowd do so much better than the average guy.

    I recently ran a test on one type of profile I teach my guys to write using a specific technique and got over 90 incoming responses, in less than 30 days without sending out so much as one email.!

    Funny that we are all still learning this game even though its been over ten years since it became available!


  7. Hi, David. I’m back.from my digital siesta. As far as Americans are concerned, they have lapped up this dating thingy more than their European and Australian cyberparts (it’s digital version of ‘counterparts’). You can also see a definite (and progressive) dependency on their part when it comes to dating online. But elsewhere they are still groping for a cyber-stick to bash their doubts with. 1-out-of-8 is quite heartening. As soon as the rest of the world catches up, the figure is bound to swell.

    I think, John G, has confided in you a great little secret. Thanks, for cheering him up.

    Heusinte Profile Labs

  8. Angela Hoskins says:

    can people really get married online. my husband to be is in the army in Iraq. thank you for reading my email. have the best year ever

  9. I keep seeing this statistic being quoted without a reference point. I’m not trying to track one down – where did you hear it?


  10. fags

  11. I believe that number is true, I met my finacee’ online and we are truly the best friend and we are perfect for each other, we are opposite but we learn to respect each other and meeting him has truly change my life. We ar both single parents and it really works for us. I was doubtful but it helps to have trust and believe that it can happen to you. I met him on a very good dating site eharmony.


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