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Vampire Dating Site

This is the funniest dating site I’ve seen in a while. LoveBitten matches vampires with humans. For those of you gullible types, the site is a marketing ploy for True Blood, the new HBO series.

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  1. Frankly, I thought this parody was even funnier:

  2. so this thing isnt real? I mean I tried making a pro and stuff and it wouldent let me. Can someone explain this to me?

  3. Short attention span?

    “For those of you gullible types, the site is a marketing ploy for True Blood, the new HBO series.”

  4. I think vampires are very sexy and kinky.

  5. really i figured as much….. vampires even if real know better than to date humans its so immoral! gross….

  6. veronica says:

    Well I think vampires can love humans if they want to. We are open to their diffrences and what they are. Well some of us are. So I’m with Lesa. Vampires are sexy and some can be nice. So if any vampire out their wants to talk email me at

  7. veronica says:

    Well I think vampires can love humans. Well if they want to. We are open to their diffrences. So if any vampire wants to talk email me at

  8. stephanie monett says:

    i want to date a vampire

  9. I’d love To Be With A Vampire Male =D

  10. I think too many people are caught up in this whole Vampirism and Human relationships. You get so caught up in something that was supposed to be a myth to make a believer out of yourself. You waste too much valuable human life to be interested in dating a vampire who thinks you are nothing more than cattle and you need to realize that. You see how Vampires are ruthless and vicious and all lovey dovey then you smother them with the popularity that no one wants. People see and hear stories that don’t exist and probably will never happen but, the media gets a message across saying that Vampires are cool and they need to be scarred of the Vampires or go out and try to date one when no one wants to date a psycho wasting all that valuable time that you could be getting your career planned out before you become homeless, without a job, living in your moms basement or some random shit like that and spend your whole life doing it and forget about what really matters. Ask yourself, if Vampires really wanted to be stalked and rule the world and be the most popular thing on Earth then why do they hide in the shadows in some private area that you will never find or they will never tell you if they are one or not? Seriously wake up, I’ve met a Vampire…..not really a difference in them from humans and no they don’t live forever like you want them too unless somehow they are acting like a God walking on sunshine. I doubt that if you wanted to live forever things would be hunky dorey and everything would go your way and have a happy ending. One question….Who has a happy ending anymore besides in fairy tales? The world is falling apart because of drug dealers, people who concentrate on myths like fairy’s, dragons, and werewolves and things like that dropping out high school just because you are too lazy to finish or too poor because your parents screwed your opportunity to go to college to have a good life and not have to worry about college that much about paying for it and in the meantime the world is falling down. If no one wants to wake up….well….Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust

  11. Vampiresocial for Vampires Goths & Humans

  12. i love your website it is really cool

  13. I just want to get to know a real vampire,you can say I’m obssessed about them but I just love everything about them I even think they are unique in a kind of cool way.Real vampires please email me anytime
    I would really appreciate it alot.Thanx:)

  14. I want a vampire boyfriend!

  15. Vampires are actually Reptilians. Shape Shifiters. That’s the truth. There real and their here. Twist it anyway you want.

  16. Veronica R says:

    I am / have been considered a vampyre/vampire since birth.
    I have a really immortal soul… <3 love bites

  17. Absynth_Amy says:

    I’M a vampire too

  18. I live in the real world, have great job etc., if vampires exist they would be the alpha male type person. I would love to find an alpha male, do far in my existence the men have been week and week minded. I wish I could find that alpha male. Sami_871@yahoo

  19. hi everyone im in to vampires

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