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I heard from Stephany Alexander, who runs Womansavers, “World’s Largest Database Rating Men” (30,000+ men’s names, descriptions & photos entered by women, top 5% most popular women’s websites). Thankfully I don’t show up in the database.

WomanSavers has been the leader in online men’s database ratings since 2003, making us the first and most established of its kind. If only there were a way you could talk to men’s exes BEFORE you got involved. Well, now you can “Research & Rate B4 U Date” for safer dating worldwide. Join our sisterhood of women who have posted their experiences to help women worldwide avoid dating alleged cheating men, lying men or abusive men. WomanSavers global database searches and organizes a man’s relationship history with an emphasis on infidelity, trust, abuse, commitment and general character. Database postings and e-mail addresses are strictly confidential and we do not share or sell your information to anyone. All IP addresses are deleted daily. For the paranoid, you can post from a library, internet cyber café or business center. WomanSavers does not edit or censor database information and no information can be guaranteed or verified.

Website highlights include free internet infidelity and adultery advice, monogamy statistics and signs of cheating men, and reasons why husbands and boyfriends cheat and lie. WomanSaver’s proceeds are donated to abused women and children’s charities. The WomanSaver men’s search engine database was created for women and you, the posters, CONTROL it. The world wants to hear your story, so tell it!

Example entry:

Chris **** is s POS. He cheats on his wife, she forgives him and then he continues to do it behind her back. He is a stalker and has police reports filed against him in MD and DE. He has cheated with his wife’s co-worker, his best friends wife and his old girlfriend. He even got the best friend’s wife PREGNANT! Worst of all, he then lies to make himself look better, denies most of his mistakes and is a complete COWARD!

I understand how important it is for people to be safe on the Internet, and I’ve checked out all of the rate-a-date sites at one time or another. They are all trying to provide a valuable service, but the implementations fall short of a legal, useful solution. To say I have a big problem with people using full names on this site would be an understatement.

Example: My name is David Evans. That’s also the name of one of the Duke lacrosse players involved in the rape scandal a few years ago. Do you know how many absolutely awful emails I received from random people confusing the two of us? It was downright scary.

I’m sure Womansavers will be useful for some people, and if it saves a life, or a marriage, all hail the power of the internets, but it made me feel kind of icky none the less.

Womansavers is pulling in around 60,000 visitors monthly. Speaking of keeping tabs on bad people, I found Rotten Neighbor today, which has a global map where you can rat out your neighbors for their bad behavior.

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  1. Concerned says:

    Womansavers is extremely pathetic. There’s a person on there named Alan Sides, aka Alan G. Sides, aka Alan Gregory Sides, from Houlton, ME, Caribou, ME, Trenton, MI, Willard, OH, and anywhere else anyone will let him live, who has made up 3 profiles on a MAN, mind you, a MAN. By the way, Alan Sides is also a drug-addicted felon. Alan Sides is pissed off because this man’s mother won’t date him, and he’s slandering this man, his mother and their entire family on womansavers. Womansavers has been contacted and has chosen to do nothing about all these lies. It’s really pathetic that this site is allowing such sick lies and pathetic behavior. Womansavers is indulging in and spreading hate. It’s really sad that Stephany Alexander, creator of Womansavers must be a very miserable and sick person to have sat around and thought of doing such. These men have children who are reading horrible things about their fathers that most likely, many are untrue, just that of a scorned mate. It appears to me that Stephany Alexander falls into that category of Narcissistic Personality Disorder to be thinking she’s doing this country any justice by her sick website.

  2. I disagree with everything you said. I have been a volunteer rep for WS for the past 4 years for the state of California and was involved with an abusive man who beat me so bad that I ended up in the hospital with 2 broken ribs and a broken jaw. He took off, the police did nothing and I posted him to warn other women because there was nothing else I could really do. I am regular poster on the forums and I love them and I have met the owner personally once at a women’s conference and she is a tireless worker who works for free and is far from a narcissist.

    If you have an issue with whoever posted this Alan Sides, why don’t you take it up the person who posted it – like file a libel lawsuit against him which is what you should do? WS can’t remove posts without a court order. Duuuh. It’s you who sounds like she’s bitter and spreading hate.

  3. Concerned says:

    Well Sarah, you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, because I have had one profile completely deleted because I turned womansavers in. Since this idiot made up three profiles, plus, I’ve had several comments deleted from the other two profiles. So, please don’t post something when you don’t know what you’re talking about. That court order BS is just that… BS. So…. I guess the Duuuuh…. falls back on your ignorant ass. Yes, Stephany is a narcissistic sick BITCH, in my opinion, as she’s allowed TWO DISALBED PEOPLE be victimized and is continuing to allow that by her pathetic site. It sounds to me like you’re the complete idiot for staying with a man who beats the crap out of you. You obviously have self-esteem issues or you wouldn’t have been in a relationship with such a loser in the first place, so…. Duuuuuh!! LMFAO!

  4. If that websites deletes or edits post they become liable. They don’t own or hold copyright to the post, the author does. The site is legal just like others like it under Section 230. I am lucky enough to be alive and did get away from abusive ex. Thanks for the vote of confidence and attacking me for my own personal abuse experience.

    • Sarah, what happens to a nice guy that meets a woman who is emotionally disturbed, when the relationship ends she retaliates, and post lies on your WS site

  5. Whatever, allow yourself to be brainwashed if you so well choose, however it’s all BS on the postings, as I’ve already seen that from personal experience. If they want to abide by the law, then they should be CONSISTENT!!

    As far as attacking you by your own personal experience, you’re the idiot who stayed with the abuser and then decided to post you stupidity by staying with him until he “allegedly” abused you so badly. Which brings me back to this…. if you were so much a VICTIM, then either you were too stupid to follow up and make sure the cops did something to him, or the cops didn’t feel it was warranted. I’m just using your OWN words. Like I said, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to stay with anyone who abused me, either verbally or physically. Then again, I suppose I must consider the source, you’re the one who “allegedly” got the crap beat out of her, not ME!! You obviously have had severe self-esteem issues to have put yourself in that position, so don’t come to a forum asking or thinking that I will feel sorry for you, because I don’t. You have just as much opportunity as anyone to take yourself out of an abusive situation, however you obviously chose to stay there, so YES, it’s YOUR fault!! Stop wanting people to feel sorry for you and get tough if you want to survive in this world, because the majority of us don’t have time to feel sorry for pathetic people who allow ANYONE to abuse and take advantage of them. Don’t portray your ignorance as being a VICTIM!

  6. DDHGSavedMyLife says:


    I hear you! On, the site that WS tries to be, requests to remove postings are reviewed and removed within 3-6 weeks or less. Also, users who post things to harrass, stalk, etc. are immediately banned from the site as the moderators don’t want people using the site for that purpose.

  7. AlsoConcerned says:

    I am familiar with both WS & DontDateHimGirl. In theory, it’s well meaning. In reality, they’re feeding off negativity of an angry woman and I venture to say most of what is posted there is untrue. It’s the act of immature, vindictive women. If the men they were involved with were as bad as they say there would have been signs. If those signs were overlooked, well, that’s not the world’s problem. I don’t think they’re providing a valuable service. I think it’s sleazy that they post the full name of the offending party but the poster is never identified. Perhaps if they did there would be more careful consideration BEFORE any thing is said and more accuracy in the statments. I know someone who was posted about. I know what was said is untrue. Yet there is no recourse and it remains there for all the world to see. Sadly, whatever is read on the internet tends to be taken as fact. Both sites say the post can be removed by the original poster yet who that is remains unknown. Both sites have proven to be non-responsive when it comes to asking for their help in removing it and one (WS) even goes as far as to charge a fee to have the post removed even by the original posters (a fact carefully buried in the fine print of course). These sites are nothing but pathetic and no one should take them seriously. When laws were made the internet did not exist. Now that it does, a whole new set of problems arises. Maybe it’s time to address the situation.

  8. I find that the profiles on WS are not as gossipy as on DDHG and I think that’s because of the fee. People are less likely to post mere garbage when there is a fee involved. The customer service at DDHG is terrible and I tried to get a post removed from their message board and it took months. Plus, Tasha C. loves to fire off legal threats…I know because I got one. The DDHG lawsuit was not won but settled because it was filed in the wrong jurisdiction. While neither site is full-proof, they do have the potential to save a woman.

  9. Regarding the post from from “Concerned” on February 7, 2009…. you are clearly one to talk about emotional and verbal abuse. Your post to Sarah reeks of it.

  10. Concerned….your telling people to stop feeling sorry for themselves.
    WELL… maybe you should too. You obviously FAR from the sharpest tool in the shed from the way you construct a sentence. Having a degree in health..I can assure the only one here with a borderline personality happens to be you. Your rage and obvious hate towards women is clearly indicated by your vicious words that make next to no sense. People like you end up on these sites as “your type” are pathological liars who have no concept or remorse for the havoc you reap on others lives. DAMN right people get hurt as they get sick and tired of being trampled on..AND as usual (being the sociopaths that these men are) they get defensive, it’s the only mechanism these cretins have to ATTEMPT to qualify their miserable existences. Lets not forget..most of us have cold hard evidence and its only defamation if it’s a lie. So if people are silly enough to right untruths then they could be easily undone. BUT like a sociopath will always do.. they will deny the sky is blue to get away with their sick pathetic little lives. Your obvious lack of empathy towards others is a dead give away of your ingrained mental illness. Sadly there is no cure for a sociopath and therapy only makes them more skillful at learning “NORMAL” behaviour and therefore more adept at manipulating their victims. Your incapable of change and that there is where the danger lays. THATS WHAT THESE MEN ARE LADIES SOCIOPATHS AND THE INTERNET IS FULL OF THEM>> GO SEARCH CYBERPATHS………………GO WOMANSAVERS!

  11. Adiit. ….and I use the word VICTIM as that is the way that this grabage view women… documented fact!! Just remember though girls. We are only talking about 5% here of the population. There are some great guys out there.. ( concerned in not one of them) :-) scary thought that one.
    Live and learn. Be smart.

  12. Womansavers is THE no # hate site on the internet! No man is welcome there, the website is fully of vile, rabid Feminazis like ‘Shally’, ‘Nikkie’, ‘LittleIvy’, ‘Fifi Larue’, ‘Bubblecropper’, ‘Learning’ and ‘Shelbelle’.
    The worst by far is Shally she is the pack leader. Womansavers should be shut down at once it is a public menace!!

    • Stephanie says:

      I posted the above comment when I was angry. I wish to withdraw my comments and disassociate myself from them.

  13. SleepingBeauty says:

    @Stephanie above. I’ve seen lots of men post there. Your post is one of the most ridiculous things I have read in a long time. You sound like you are upset because you’re not part of an internet “click,” similar to not being part of a “click” in school. What are we, in grade school? If you don’t like the click, avoid them. Duhhhh…

  14. I am really surprised at stephanies post. I have gone to womansavers after a recent relatiosnhip which went very sour and abusive. shally was one of the most supportive gentle people who posted. they were all very nice and i totally felt welcome but she went the extra mile for me i appreicated her effort.

  15. what happens to a nice guy that meets a woman who is emotionally disturbed, when the relationship ends she retaliates, and post lies on your WS site,

    • Veronica says:

      With any luck, she’ll befriend one of many of the manipulative women there who will screw her over and she’ll get served what she dished out. Then she’ll remain a member there for all eternity.

  16. womansavers has become a troll site. shally is the worst then nikki, bubblecropper, touchebaby,shelbell, they scare off new members daily. they put you down if they dont believe your story. bullies all of them. stay away from this site. they give out personal information all the time. beware of this site. dont go on it. they are feminazis and always will be. stupid bitches who hate. jealous and nasty. go check out thier work. youll find it all over the site.

  17. Shally is one of the kindest people I have ever met. The only type of people she doesn’t like is trolls and from your post above, it sounds like you are one. I have always known her to give great advice. I don’t know all the other members you listed but people post there all the time and get great advice. There are hundreds of thousands of posts to prove it. Get a life!

  18. I have been a member of WS for many years. Though I don’t visit as much as I used to, I still enjoy popping in every once in a while to see how the ladies are doing. While I have never been completely comfortable with the Rate a Guy board, I believe the good outweighs the bad. You always have the option to leave a countering remark in the posting. Which I would suggest any man that feels wronged should do.
    Concerning the posts from Stephanie/digi, one in the same, I might add, he, yes he, has been on WS for many years. And I see he has continued on with his antics. If not these ladies, whom I may add are what makes WS a great site, then he is on a tangent with another group of women. He’s a very sick troubled man, to say the least.
    Countless times he has been banned from the site for his harassment of the woman but always manages to worm himself back in.
    His problems are psychological and they run deep. He struggles with being a man. I don’t know if it’s still up but he had a forum called, ihatemen. Issues run deep with this man. And I think the site should be concerned. For some reason only he knows, the doctors in his country are unwilling to give him the sex change he so desires. His anger and bitterness has grown through the years. He is not a man to be pitied he is a man that should be watched very closely.

  19. Stephanie says:

    I am not ‘Digi’ therefore that post was NOT made by me. It would seem that my enemies at Womansavers believe in ‘guilty until proven innocent’. As the posts at this website are vetted before they are posted the admin’ should have a record of all poster’s IP addresses.
    I once posted at a forum called ‘I hate Men’ but I never owned it or was involved in its management. IHM was in fact an ironic forum name as very few members actually hated men.
    As for the wild speculation surrounding my medical history I find this distasteful and a very cheap shot indeed. I never, and will never discuss my medical history. It is a matter solely for me as to whether I have undergone SRS or not.
    All this hatred directed at me is because I outed a very popular member of Womansavers as being a liar,hypocrite and false friend which she most certainly was to me.
    I am more than willingly to offer the hand of peace to the people behind these attacks. You leave me alone, you stop continuely making false accusations against me and you also stop luridly speculating about my medical history! In return I will say no more regarding a certain person. I find the behaviour and unjustified accusations of certain Womansavers members towards me to be appalling. As far as I am concerned your behaviour towards me has been out of all proportion to my alleged offence to a certain member. If you look at my posts regarding that certain member you will see that not once did I swear or use abusive language. Not once did I make any sort of threat physical or psychological. I on no occasion speculated about her physical or psychological health, nor did I encourage anyone to treat this person with less than human dignity. I in my posts calmly, logically outlined my case as I saw it against this person. I approached the whole matter with what might be called a professional distance. In response my enemies have treated me with no such dignity. I have been constantly mocked, ridiculed, sneered at by this person’s friends. They have made it known that anyone who wants to kick me – metaphorically speaking – can do so with their blessing. They have made false accusations against me – they have accused me of being ‘Digi’ without the slightest evidence and their attitude is one of ‘guilty until proven innocent’.
    The post above by ‘Jack’ is an excellent example of the level of vituperation and sheer nastiness of these people. They have hounded and bullied me for expressing and honest opinion about another member. I cannot pretend that I haven’t been hurt by their vile remarks and sneering comments. I take comfort from knowing that all reasonable people will see these people for what they are.

  20. TheTruthShallSetYouFree says:

    I think its an excellent site and how else do you stop sociopaths from damaging more people if there aren’t places like this where you can report them? Sure not all of them are legit, but I would guess quite a few are, and that might have helped someone keep from being conned like my mother was.

    If people are getting so upset about others talking about their actions maybe they shouldn’t have done them in the first place… Just a thought. Freedom of speech is a right in this country, and its not slander if what you are saying is the truth.

  21. I am on WS. My ex gf was upset that I broke up with her and her way of retaliation was to post down right lies about me on there. I will be the first to admit, I am not perfect in no way, shape or form and we ALL have ghosts in out closet…yes YOU! It has been nearly 6 years now and extremely I repeat EXTREMELY hard to start any sort of relationship now since every woman googles people now. I am a good person, have a professional civil service job and well respected within my community. WS has ruined my life..pretty much forever. Every person I meet I wonder.. 9 times out of 10 am up front and tell them I’m on there..they run..I’ve tried not telling them and they eventually find out. I am at a loss and just assume give up and accept the fact I am going to be single the rest of my natural born life. There is a service I can pay $5000 to restore my name but give me a break, 5 grand, I’d rather take me chances. What happened to women making up thier OWN damn mind? Basing thier opinions on that person and not second hand accounts of someone they dont even know?. The site should be shut down. I deserve to be happy..this is BS!

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