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People Recommendations With Matchmine

I’m currently working with Matchmine, a startup focused on personal recommendations. Matchmine can also match you to other people, by computing the similarity of your respective MatchKeys. This is very interesting stuff, especially in regards to personality testing. Why take a long test when you can compare your tastes and preferences directly? That’s all I can say for now (veil of secrecy descends). Read more about Matchmine at GigaOM.

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  1. “matchmine can also match you to other people, by computing the similarity of your respective MatchKeys. That would be another path to find content you might like.”

    “How The MatchKey Works
    ….. MatchKey is a mathematical representation of your personal interests and tastes across a variety of media types. …. We start with a rich set of around 50 independent, mutually exclusive attributes that we call canonical axes.”

    Oh, I HARDLY doubt because if they do not use directly a normative personality test, how the algorithm is going to manage DISTORTION?
    Profiling by music preferences, video preferences, color preferences, bookmarks preferences, handwriting analysis and more: Terrible lack of precision by distortion!!!
    See, for example:
    You can see the validation whitepaper at:
    It is interesting to see how that color method used to evaluate personality ADDS DISTORTION to the measurement (page 07 and figure 2 continued of whitepaper)

    Also how the algorithm is going to compute the similarity of MatchKeys?
    I bet USD 10 cents the WHOLE precision is LESS than any person could achieve searching by his/her own!!!

    Which is the ensemble, precision and the equation to assess similarity of that algorithm?

    Kindest Regards,

    Fernando Ardenghi.
    Buenos Aires.

  2. Fernando, Matchmine is not a personality testing system. Matching people on, for example, the music and reading and what they pay attention to is the general idea at this time. They have a lot of very smart people working on this and I’m sure most of your concerns have been already dealt with, or at least identified.


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