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First Impression: Lavalife Prime

Reader Beth asked about Lavalife Prime, which prompted me to poke around the press release and the website.

Lavalife Prime is a social network that looks like a dating site, starting with the search for both men and women front and center on the home page.

The text on the home page says “Have fun connecting with other like-minded mature singles aged 45 or over” yet the search age starts at 40 with five-year increments ending at 55+. Bunching together everyone over 55 is a complete insult to seniors IMHO, not to mention that fact that at 40 or even 45 is not a boomer age. Once I got over that gaff, I moved on to the signup page.

The first page of the signup form is basic, the next page is where things start to get interesting. You can select from a whole list of templated life experience to start or write your own. You can accompany each of your Life Experience entries with your own pictures, music or video segments. Depending on the entry, you can also choose to add icons that indicate it’s about, Travel, a Restaurant, Sports etc. Reminded me of a more organized Myspace.

Lavalife Prime Select a Life

Lavalife Prime Write about Life

I like that Prime gives you the option to enter an audio, video or text Life Experiences. Finally we’re starting to see dating sites build out more expressive profiles, it’s about time!

LavaLife Prime ForumsThe forums have less than five posts, which will increase rapidly as more people find out about the site. Typical topics, see the screenshot for details.

Every single person on the site so far is from New England, looks like they are doing a geographic rollout.

I’ll have more on LavaLife Prime as I spend more time pretending to be a Baby Boomer. In the meantime, check it out yourself at

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  1. Notice says my Email and/or password not recognized. I’m getting this on another site also, the prime site, even though I am registered with lavalife normal site

  2. when I go to register on lavalife Prime I keep being informed that email and/or password is not recognized .Many times I have tried to have this resolved. Why can it not be resolved? Is there anything that I can do. It is very frustrating.

  3. Harry Schellenberg says:

    I am having the same problem with lavalife prime and 2 other sites and it infuriates me. When my paid time expires I certianly will NOT renew.

  4. What I was told by their customer service is that the 2 products aren’t related. For example, lavalife prime’s instant messenger is totally different than the one on

    Personally, I prefer lavalife prime IM aka 1 on 1 chat because it is more like MSN and Yahoo’s Messenger in a way. Also, instead of just seeing names (which I can’t remember anyway) you see members photos.

    The bigger bonus is that lavalife prime is totally free!

  5. It was free and friendly and we have been a nice family and now we all get blown away just for the sake of money ,to bad all the good times are over ,maybe I will see my friends on diffrent FREE sites .

  6. In my experience I have nothing but positive things to say about lavalife, there is a lot of online dating sites but this really seems to be the most positive of the bunch. Check out the following honest informative review from a user.

  7. Gaylord says:

    This is just another rip off site run by people with no integrity. Life always catches up with these people and hits them where they least expect and when they think they have it made.

    Sit back and watch it will be fun

  8. Charles says:

    Hi, I’m sorry to bother you but I tried to put this in the General Chat area and only get a blank page when I go there. When I signed up here they stated I could cancel my subscription…Well here’s a quote “You may cancel at any time by clicking on the “cancel subscription” button on your subscription status page. The only problem is I don’t see a “cancel subscription” button when I go to the “subscription status page”. I’ve written to them twice and they have not answered me.
    Thanks in advance for your time and energy.



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