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Dating Software Reviews

Dating Software Reviews is a community of webmasters and dating scripts clients that offer reviews of online dating applications and services provided by dating software development companies. Dating platforms range from php to asp based applications, free, private and hosted solutions.

As with all community forums and review sites, your mileage may, no, will, vary. Some people put more time and effort into reviews, others simply mention the most popular packages or list every software package even remotely related to dating.

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  1. If you’re serious about starting a site the only way to go is with CUSTOM script/software. Nothing against the dating scripts out there, but as a dating site owner I can’t imagine running the site with some piece of code someone, somewhere wrote. It’s just not gonna happen.

    Check the leading sites out there, they all use custom made software, on a different platforms.

  2. BS. It’s a clear farce from one of the vendors… not to mention names – look at the ones praised. the same type of english as in press releases.

    Resources of this kind are in no way trustable. Dave, I suggest you look at modmysite to have a better picture because the final truth is what customers say.

  3. Absix, most dating site owners are not coders, for a select few, building from scratch may be a labor of love, for the rest, who needs to reinvent the wheel?

    I’ve heard from several people that Dating software reviews may be run by a dating software site, looking into it.

    • Hi
      We’re a New Zealand dating site and growing well..we used readymade imported SW which we modified to suit our needs. The advantage is we own the licence to the SW ( which we can onsell as an intact site; not just pretty pics minus the coding owned by the designer?) and have B/up support on tap with a proven model.
      To build the same ourselves would’ve been an initial outlay of around 20K and then all the modding as we go along.
      The trick is to find the right SW provider.
      Anyone want to email us we’re happy to point you to them.

      • Hi read your comment and I am starting a dating site and would like some information on SW provider. Please give me some direction to be successful in this venue. Thank you!

      • desiree
        i got mine from
        request Dylan Fox and tell him sent you.
        he’s got his portal in sweden but he’s very english and HONEST !

      • We are looking into starting a dating site in Canada with a twist and so I was just curious as to which software you used.

      • Hi Barbara
        i got mine from
        request Dylan Fox and tell him sent you.
        he’s got his portal in sweden but he’s very english and HONEST !

        If you’re planning something with a twist then they have a variety of different concepts which can be viewed, i think , on their portfolio demo sites.
        and, no, i don’t work for them…it’s just the dating site SW world is awash with pitfalls and we think it’s worth passing on our good experiences.


      • I would be interest in knowing the best SW

      • I’m trying to navigate through the marass surrounding dating site software. I’ve seen where indeed it looked like the review sites were operated by the company behind a particular SW with, lo and behold, more postitive reviews for their brand. My problem is that I need something different than cookie cutter. Our approach to dating is indirect. That is, you meet someone with the help of your friend/best buddy and their friend. The four meet on a date. Safer, the friend knows you better than you know yourself, etc. What would be the best SW to build without starting from scratch as I’m not a developer by any means?

      • just avoid bought a backpage clone, it never worked, looks like craigslist and i cant imagine anything else they publish is nay good.. and no refunds… but i will say at first they were helpful then disappeared, not cool. stay away from these guys

      • New Zealand friends… Love to know a Dating software you are using that you like and is customizable for here in the states… please advise. Thanks Kai

      • Would love to hear what the best dating software is that you have found,

        Thanks, Nick

  4. James J. says:

    Sometimes you seem to contradict yourself, Dave. You call for innovation, but then say things like this. The industry needs innovation, but doesn’t need more cookie cutter sites.

  5. I don’t see it as a contradiction in the least. Writing software from scratch to run a dating site from is absolutely unnecessary and 100% unreasonable for the majority of entrapreneurs wanting to start a dating service. Just because a site is run on an ASP platform or script does not mean it can’t be innovative. Design, layout, UI, branding, feature mix and marketing are all ways one may differentiate their “cookie-cutter” default site. I call that innovation.

  6. What is really important – is finding the solution that you really need that is the best solution for you.

    Dating Scripts – Should have technical skills in order to set these up. Bear in mind that you may or may not have a database with the script, if you are offered one is is one offered on other sites and wont convert well. If you have to build you own database then figure on a year to build critical mass before you have enough to sell from, but you can use the site before then for selling advertising.

    Scripts vary according to their complexity, but not always the case.

    Other things to think of is either the cost of upgrades, usually charged extra, you maybe charged for these so take care in choosing,, if this is you option.

    Comment: Probably not the best solution if you are looking to make revenue quickly.

    As a positive this is an option that can set you on the road to independence, remember though if you come to this point you will have to redevelop your software anyway.

    If your idea is to build a mega site then do this with your own ideas and programmers from the start, a dating script/software provider may help you with this.

    You may or may not have your own merchant account and if you do you may be charged a large percentage, take care some will cost you up to 15% – with your other costs of development and hosting, means that your profit is mostly lost unless you seel traffic to other dating sites.

    Site Providers such as diydating, tangowire etc that provide simple sites ready made with payment provider and hosting is a good start also.

    Things to watch out for is that many of these are quite small and conversion rates are not impressive as their databases maybe extremely small and as they cover global areas can make this very thin to spread over a great area. Other problems that we have come across is that merchant accounts percentages can be quite high. Many of these site pay only on initial payments.

    Tanagowire for example has only one design, so doesn’t convert well, while diydating has a recognizable format that never changes.

    Some good points are they are easy to set up and maintain, diydating has some better designs, but watch out for penalties on chargeback’s which come back to you on all these kinds of sites.

    Some sites charge a setup fee, and some also offer free membership to the site owners which encourages fraudsters to use for scamming.

    Dating Solution providers – This is the top end of the market and usually more exclusive. Relationshipexchange charge $5000 for set up and quite a small revenue share.

    Springstreet is one of the best in the sites, now owned by Friendfinder, I think this is used as part of their own service now, so may be biased, this would need checking was all I could find, they don’y give much information away. I believe they charge, but are exclusive to partners that have high traffic, applications that I have tried in the past have brought no response. I think their payment model is per contact, which is not very good as you cannot build a good increasing revenue. You can see how this works on our own calculator

    Embarrassingly in this our own system tops, because we offer any option that a partner wants from branded to templates, everything is free with a quick setup – we process over 14 credit and debit cards on a very low rate and conversion rates are extremely high due to web content and the size of our database is now equal to Read more or write to me if you want clarification on suystems. We have created sites for over 30 radio stations in the UK, for the British Army air force and Navy, nightclubs, charities and TV. But every partner is more than welcome to join, big or small. We have a substantial backup development and support team of over 50 staff 4 of which dedicated to helping partners with marketing and technical support.

  7. The link to the review site is down. Was going to add a link back to our own ‘run your dating site’ solution on it, but judging by the comments so far, I’m pleased I didn’t.

    If you want to Run Your Own Dating Site there are numerous options from getting the site custom scripted, using ‘off the shelf’ software, or a ‘white label’ solution, like that offered by ourselves.

    The hardest part of running a dating site is without doubt the building of an initial membership database. Hence why I’d opt for a ‘white label’ solution. Unless you’ve got deep advertising pockets, or an already established portal type sites with a loyal and regular customer database, it’s the most cost effective answer to the problem.

    It’s chicken and egg, people won’t join your dating site because no-one else has – or if they do, there’s no database to interact with. Bottom line being, whatever model of generating an income through the site you have, it just won’t work.

    With our system, you can choose to populate your site with members that are part of a ‘central’ pool initially, plus once you get a big enough database of members joining your individual site, you can choose to switch off the ‘pool’ and have an exclusive site showing just your site’s membership database.

    It works like a co-operative, you get a fully functional admin suite, you can newsletter your members, run your own affiliate program – yep you read that right, the ability to run your site’s own affiliate program is built in… Use the central database of members or choose to opt out. You don’t have the headache of releasing profile and photos – our admin staff do that for you. You just get on with the task in hand of promoting your site.

    Anyway, that’s just my two penneth. Check it out for yourselves if you wish.


  8. As a recent (October 2007) and unhappy customer of ABK-SOFT, the makers of AbleDating and AbleSpace software, I have documented my technical and customer service experience with them as a warning to other buyers. Unfortunately, it is lengthy so I created a website for the review complete with support documentation:

    Thank you.
    Michael G. Hines

  9. Karyn Armstrong says:

    Skadate’s software is old and runs on only a limited number of hosting solutions, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee but only for managed solution. I didn’t even get the software downloaded which I paid $795.00 for and they still won’t give me a refund so I had to hire an attorney!!!!


  10. Karyn,

    You are wrong to assume that SkaDate runs with only limited number of hosting companies. It’s a good idea to make sure you meet hosting requirements before you purchase any software. Although we are on the firm ground with EULA and server requirements, we are making refund just because we want to help you.

  11. Karyn Armstrong says:

    I checked to make sure we met all hosting requirements, I even has an early conversation with someone in tech support about this and he told me it was fine. I operate several websites and the particular software isn’t compatible with my hosing company who I have a long term contract with. I don’t believe I am wrong about the limited number of hosting companies. Most hosting companies have upgraded their systems to a different platform that is not compatible with SKADATE. I research this after discovering SKADATE couldn’t be installed. I never even downloaded the software and went in a differant direction. It is up to the company to ensure all systems are go with what the customer wants to use. I don’t like being dictated to on who I should use as a hosting company, I am the customer so I get to choose.

    If you are with SKADATE and you take pride in your work and your statement about making a re fund is true then I will expect a refund of $795.00 credited back to my account or a check sent to me. Until then I stand by my statements. Once I refund is issued and received I will share a decent review for you.

  12. Karyn,

    I don’t understand how a refund can make a “decent review”. Nonetheless, feel free to write to my email info AT skadate DOT com and send the chat log with the person that supposedly told you your setup was fine.

    If mistake was ours, we will issue full refund. Otherwise, we will deduct processing fee as told you earlier.

    This blog is not a place for arguments. I will respond by email.

    Thank you.

  13. Karyn Armstrong says:

    With all due respect my attorney and credit card company are handling this for me.

    The chat log was never sent to me as requested.

    You might be right about the blog not being a place for arguments but I wasn’t getting anywhere with your company until I posted here.

    I respectfully await a full refund, there is no mention of a processing fee with your 30 day money back guarantee.

    Thank you!

  14. is notorious for ripping people off. Check out this post by DatingScripts.


  15. is a FAKE review website, setup by ABK-soft.

    All facts and prove can be found here: where i advocate everything with screenshots and facts.

    Also read the warning from the Better Business Bureau:

    ABK-soft is a Russian scammers company who keep trying to clean their reputation on the internet by spamming (webmaster) forums, websites and setup fake review websites and blogs.


  16. Dont use this company, they are scammers, they take your money and give you a poor website, the basic 3d city and cheap looking chat rooms.When you want support they can either ignore you specially if u complain or take weeks to reply.The you tube software they have advertised as free for the last year doesnt even exist yet. The Free upgrades are only Free if you are super website genius, other wise you have to pay $300 for them to do it.
    They NEVER refund, even when i asked the very next day.
    They are russians and use many other names, including skadate and abledating.
    Bewarned, do not waste your money on these scammers

  17. SKADATE IS SCAM!!! They state to be in the US BUT THIS IS TOTAL LIE. Nothing is easier than to check the whois:
    Administrative Contact:
    Sarnogoev, Emil
    Alamedin-1, d.19, kv.84
    Bishkek, 720083
    And if you need his photo, he himself has posted it on YouTube, he is sitting in his Kyrgizstan and laughing at us, taking our money and not fearing anything! And really, it is hard to get him in his Kyrgyzstan, he is right. But what we CAN do is AVOID sponsoring the international terrorism and scammers from SKADATE!
    Here is the video:
    Here is the photo:

  18. It seems most dating reviews are done or commented on by people who have a grievance. The same few people are posting all kinds of nasty things on every blog and forum they can find. What we also need, however, are people who have had good experiences speak about the software that they are using. Personally, I am now running a site using ABK-Soft software. The site is amazing, and I’m now getting around 50 – 100 new members a day. If you don’t believe me, check out the name link at the top. This software seems to have the most features for the money, and I’ve never had any issues or concerns with their customer service.

  19. A dating coach for minorities and men, sharing successful seduction tips and flirting advice for dating beautiful women.

  20. @UStillUp
    You must talking about yourself.
    I see you grab any opportunity to talk good about ABK-Soft, Abledating, AbleSHIT, etc.
    Also in threads on forums like Digitalpoint.

    You belong to the group of the ABK-Soft scammers, and sure even you have a domain you can simply use false personal details, that’s what you guys are doing.

    Again a new prove that DatngSoftwareReviewer is a FAKE review website and belongs to ABK-Soft.
    Of course we already had enough prove, it’s all mentioned and advocated on and click WARNING.

    But with this link you mentioned in your post: datingsoftwarereviewer dot com/images/skadate17.jpg you prove more and more that you guys are fakers, liars and SCAMMERS.

    Wherever you guys see the opportunity to show an image of Osama Bin Laden together with an employee of Skadate, you show the same image.
    It must be dumb poor Russian lowclass scumbag humor to laugh everytime about the same joke, as you use it for ages already.

  21. Hi! I would like to put up a dating site using ready-made software. I almost bought from abledating, but there was a glitch in their credit card verification system, hence I was unable to purchase. I saw a lot of negative comments on providers of software. Can somebody please suggest a good one that runs on php? Thank you!

  22. Check out the vendors listed in the sidebar. Picking dating software that works for your particular situation can be tricky. Remember to ask lots of questions, especially about support and a list of developers you can use to customize the templates.

  23. The reality is that 99% of the people that are looking to start a dating site can’t afford to develop their own solution because it would cost thousands of dollars. That is why there are packaged solutions out there and if you get one that is open source then you can modify what you want a lot cheaper than building your own. It would take a year or more to develop your own solution and that is a bare-bones type of solution. Not feature rich. So, if you got about $50,000 dollars then go ahead and develop your own. That would make sense then but only if you have an extra $50,000 in the bank and considering this economy, i doubt it.


  24. is run by They are a known scammer company per the BBB website. Here is the link below:

    If you view all the reviews on that site you will see that gets 10 out of 10 for all 3 of their apps while all the other packages get below 6 out of 10. is also known for blacklisting dating software providers to put their software above everyone else. They also are located in Russia despite their claims of being in Los Angeles.

  25. You and a lot more people have been ripped off by I wish more people would read REAL reviews done by sites like the BBB and not these fake review sites setup by

  26. Anyone seen this one?
    If this is scam too then I love scammers. Really looks amazing.

  27. Don’t by this software, don’t let yourself be mislead in by the video chat. Is much beter you by a more powerful software and then by a video chat apart. The price will be the same.


    1- support
    2- A free user can comment your profile and you can’t delete any comment, not even the administrator can.
    3- The comment of your videos, blogs and forums, you can’t delete and approved this comments, only the administrator and have to search one by one (imagine thousands)
    4- The private chat, you can´t minimize the window, don’t have smiles and sounds and don’t have the time of the massage, imagine you are talking with 5 people.

    5- The administrator can only approve images and texts before they appear on the site from the essay.
    From the videos, galleries, blogs, forums he can’t do, a user can post porn images, messages etc. Imagine hundreds of images, videos, galleries, blogs ad forums, and you have to search one by one.

    6 – The flash rooms don’t have private massages

    7 – Nothing is in ajax, whenever you make a change has to read the whole page

    8 – The 3d city and chat have a visual impact but they are very simple, people will not use this function.

    9- Bugs, vids section, flash essay, translation.

    Don’t bye, if you want a good software try emeeting or vldpersonals and by the video chat apart

    • dont buy vld personals says:

      vld personals is a scam!
      After purchasing this $199.95 script i ran into the problems. The support is not knowledgeable, worthless and never helped to solve the problem. The upgrade version has incomplete instructions, and in order to update you have to overwrite all the files.After installation
      nothing works properly.No old database, no custom pages, no media, no old profiles. Vlad could not explain us why it’s not working, nor did he give any instructions, unless we pay. It seems once they have your money, they don’t give a crap about your issues. We refused to pay , as it says “Free support” on VldPersonals site. Update. After number of tickets submitted to Vld technical support, we’ve been denied any support and our license was suspended. I thought when you pay for something is yours? …-) ——–“Vlad K – We won’t need any access and we will not do anything for you.You had done 2 things wrong: 1. Attempted to get a refund without our authorization. 2. Made false public claims about our software and company. Both go against our company’s policies and neither are tolerated. As such, you will no longer receive any kind of support from us.” —— My experience they call false claims. They don’t have a phone number or address listed on their website. People must know what to expect from this business.

  28. can anyone give a comment about web scribbler dating software ?? greatly appreciate it!!

  29. Crossing the editorial/advertiser line here for a moment, there is a reason why I allow SkaDate and Boonex to advertise here. I’ve met the people who run both companies, or are in constant contact with them. They go to conventions and are pretty active with their software updates.

    Do your homework before shelling out money for a dating script. Hang out on the forums, ask questions and read between the lines.

    If something sounds too good, it usually is.

    Consider platforms that have a busy community, especially the problems group and feature requests. Whether they are complaining or not, busy usually means lots of people are using the software and trying to get things done with it. You can usually tell if the developers are listening, or just taking the money and being quiet.

  30. The best dating software I’ve found is The support is 2nd to none. Dylan is the guy I work with on a regular basis and he is awesome. It was such a relief having been through 3 different dating scripts to finally find one that worked great and had great support. I’m on the first page of google for every major search term and part of the reason is because the software is so SEO friendly. They will customize anything you want as well and they charge a very reasonable rate. is the best pre-packaged script you can buy. The only thing better would to shell out the cash to have a developer build a custom site for you. My site is You can check it out for yourself.

    • i can only echo these sentiments as these are the people we purchased off and found them to be very professional…i only deal with dylan and he has put up with patience my many fool questions…highly recommend them !

    • Then why don’t you tell us the name of your site so anyone may verify whether your #1 search results claim is even close to accurate or whether you have even have a site at all.

  31. Kisanka says:

    ABK-Soft is NASTY!!
    OK, I read that some people spent upto $1000 on theses losers.. well, I spent $3,500 on their junky software, mods and so-called “unique design”. The home page looked stretched and ugly, half the features were not working, it was “unique” all right. Tried to get them to fix it for 8 months, was brushed off. Then I tried to find a freelancer on to fix their damage, and after I showed my website, out of 17 people I emailed, not one wanted to touch it after looking at it! I cannot post what all of them said, but here is what the last 2 programmers/developers said about ABK-Soft “creation”:
    One: “I just looked at the application. I probably could help you to get it to work, but at what cost and you would still be left with a crappy application. To be honest, I would recommend to cut your losses and go with another commercial/open source application…The style of site that you purchased is outdated, social networks are IN. You need to find someone who can implement a solution for less than what it would cost to make the other app into what you want”……
    Another man, who has articles published, who is A.C.E. Certified, SEMPO Certified, and who works with small businesses and large corporations, said: “The template design is poorly constructed. That’s why you see the template looking and functioning in an odd fashion. • The icons and color bars that are part of the ABK software doesn’t match the design, the icons are in a completely different style. • The overall site is very confusing and not intuitive. Looks like a lot of features, but too much to digest for a new user. • There is very little chance for this site to rank well with Google, Yahoo as this site is very poor in terms of SEO. The site code needs to be reconstructed, the navigation needs to be rethought. The photos of the women also looks interpolated (blurry). Remember people are weary of websites that do not look professional. Overall impression of the software is it’s kind of hokey and a lot of the features would alienate the market you are trying to capture. My gut instinct is saying to get away from ABK-Soft (before you lost more money) for the following reasons: Their software looks unsophisticated and too confusing for your market, and the support is terribly lacking”….

    Now, judge for yourself. It’s not just me, who is a regular purchaser, saying it – this is an opinion of people who have been doing it for over 20 years, who are known in web development business, and who gain nothing by lying.
    DO NOT even think about ABK-Soft product!
    Their designers barely speak English, you will be pulling you hair every time you want to ask or explain something. Learn on our mistakes, not on your own. It had cost me $3,500 and I never used my website, ever.
    They are SCAMMERS. As of today, they have 24 complaints on BBB and God knows how many terrible reviews there. Thank you for reading.

  32. “I have tried a lot of dating sites in the past. Many had the same problem – Were the members genuine? But after using for a month I am satisfied with it. People whom I chat with looks to be real. The site layout is simple and easy to navigate. The site is free for everyone to join which is great. There are a host of other great features that make the entire experience worth
    Free to join with negligible amount for premium membership
    Has all the basic features that other sites have in the free version
    Free unlimited IM for all free members
    Choice to exit whenever you want
    Cordial customer service
    A healthy number of female members

  33. hi this is for all who wants to buy abk-soft products , dont buy any script from them they are the big scamers fools in industry , they will eat your money and after that they are NOT GOING TO GIVE ANY REFUND TRUST ME YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET ANY REFUND AND ALSO NO REPLY FOR YOU.. SO AWARE AWARE DONT BUY ABK -SOFT PRODUCTS THEY ARE FOOLS BIG PIG , IF THEY PROMIS ANYTHING DONT TRUST THEM BEC THEY DONT DO WHAT THEY SAY…. IF YOU LOVE YOUR MONEY KEEP AWAY OR GO AHEAD .. NO WAY TO GET MONEY BACK..

  34. Hi,
    We´re in 2013 now. Can someone confirm that, Skadate, Boonex and PGDatingPro are still the best options for buying dating site software?

    • Not sure about rest, but trying to use dolphin boonex 7.1 for an adult classifieds. a couple little issues like adding cities and stuff, but it is feature packed. i like it but you need to look into the inner workings before tinkering. Cheers.

  35. I have bought skadate I sounded so well from sales folks but since I got it a struggle with it. And the support times and expects you to bee a an expert or so… Got the version 7 and 8 came. One months support but you have to pay for update 8 since the guidemanual is not easy to follow and succeed with. It supposed work on Mac too but I can’t open it with MAMP i. g. And get ones money back is impossible. The private chat doesn really work well. Users say it freezes etc. I wont suggest it to others except if you have some programming skills. I don’t and buying a software you expect it to work easily and painless.

  36. Hey Leslie, why are you posting the same email in other places on the Internet but under different names? It’s funny that you attack that guy but don’t give any proof. Now we’ve seen this before with someone from another dating software provider blacklisting other dating software providers. Even Skadate has a page dedicated to the talking about this. I think a lot of people on the Internet know who it is but I won’t name names. Please post proof that you were scammed otherwise your emails just get laughed at.

  37. I need to start a new dating site. Who in Las Vegas area can help me
    To get started? Thanks

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