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Chemistry has emerged from beta and is now live. It’s unclear why Match didn’t add the new profile and questionnaire features to their existing mega-brand. This was a big mistake. Chemistry will not pose a serious threat to Eharmony unless they spend an incredible amount of marketing dollars promote the new service. Then again, nobody knew about Eharmony 3 years ago, but their selling point is much better defined and the radio and tv exposure has worked very well to date. I’m also surprised that Chemistry doesn’t have a spokesperson.


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  1. Fernando Ardenghi says:

    “Chemistry will not pose a serious threat to Eharmony unless they spend an incredible amount of marketing dollars promote the new service.”
    It is not a marketing challenge!!! Only need to prove (to customers/clients) the method really works == it provides quality contacts == compatible real persons.

    “nobody knew about Eharmony 3 years ago, but their selling point is much better defined and the radio and tv exposure has worked very well to date.”
    Sure, but eHarmony, PerfectMatch, True and others, CANNOT change anything about their proprietary tests and proprietary matching algorithms (i.e. cannot add more precision nor more reliability than they actually have. Perhaps in some online dating sites you could have greater precision & reliability using the search_engine than the precision provided by the matching_algorithm)

    Online Daters are ALWAYS watching_out (on the alert) for new services, using Google, Yahoo, Clusty and other search engines to find new_online_dating_sites_offering_compatibility_matching_methods!!!

    The Quality Online Dating Market remains enormous == like Off Line Chains.
    Surely new players will appear soon!!!

    Kindest Regards,

    Fernando Ardenghi.
    Buenos Aires.

  2. People don’t talk about online dating as much as they did a year or two ago and the viral nature has slowed down as well. Proving that Chemistry works is exactly a marketing challenge. How else will they promote they are “better” or more sucessful than Eharmony? Number of marriages? No, that’s been used up. Visitors? Nope. Beating the drums in an effective marketing campaign is the only way it’s going to take off. Relying on daters to find Chemistry on their own will never work.

  3. Fernando Ardenghi says:

    An online dating site could spend millions of USDollars on marketing policies with:
    IMMEDIATE successful results == millions of visitors (traffic) converted to free_trial_period_subscribers, and then a promissory amount to be converted into first_time_paying_subscribers.
    Unsuccessful results planning the long_term strategy == 5 years scope (database full of fake or over promising profiles, lots of visitors & free_users impossible to be converted into paying_subscribers, low precision matching algorithms, etc, etc )

    Items to analyze:
    – Did the online dating site recover ALL the money invested?
    – Is the company profitable? or Is the portion of REVENUE composed by (paying_subscribers * fee)
    sustainable? i.e. new_&_renewal_paying_subscribers increasing or stable.

    Items to be measured:
    – visitors (traffic).
    – first_time_(new)_paying_subscribers.
    – renewal_paying_subscribers.
    – total_paying_subscribers == new_&_renewal_paying_subscribers.
    – subscribers leaving the site because they succeed in finding someone.
    – subscribers leaving the site because they NOT succeed in finding someone.

    A Serious Online Personals Site delivering quality contacts always wants their customers to succeed in finding someone:
    -the very satisfied customer who leaves the site because he/she succeed most probably will recommend the site to 10 or more persons!!!
    -dissatisfied customers leaving the site because they not succeed in finding someone (compatible real person) surely will speak against the company to 100 or more persons!!!

    Kindest Regards,

    Fernando Ardenghi.
    Buenos Aires.

  4. It’s not about marketing? I beg to differ there. Don’t forget about their enormous database to remarket a new program to. When Udate bought they started simply being an exit consule for each other and my understanding is the numbers were amazing. Not only will they get some new customers that never gave them money, they will also get some people that gave up on match to try something new. Some may end up paying for both once they establish mass. They have a huge database and they will do what they can to maximize its value.

  5. James Houran says:

    I was under the impression that bioanthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher was their “spokesperson” of sorts. After all, her “chemistry test” is the backbone of this service and thus her theories are inherently being promoted.


    James Houran, Ph.D.
    Research Psychologist

  6. David,

    Maybe a reason, people don’t talk about online dating(hype talk) as much as they use to is because it is now engraved into our culture.

    What do you think?

  7. Match sent me email, offering me a lifetime membership to Chemistry. (“As a lifetime charter member, you are invited to use Chemistry at no charge for as long as your subscription is active and in good standing.”) I’m not sure how they plan to brand Chemistry, but it appears that they are seeding it from within Match right now. My guess is that once Chemistry has a critical mass of members, then they’ll roll out the wider marketing campaign.

    On a side note, why is Chemistry asking me whether my index finger is longer than my ring finger? What does that have to do with compatibility? Having this as the first question asked of new members does not instill confidence in the methodology. (But, the later questions were fine.)

  8. Responding to several older ODI posts about Chemistry:

    Dave, were you ever able to get your free lifetime charter membership to Chemistry? You previously wrote about having difficulties signing up. I had no such trouble, though it remains to be seen whether my subscription truly will remain free for the lifetime of my Match membership. The information on my Chemistry subscription page isn’t very clear about this.

    Regarding the actual signup process, information was pulled from my Match membership automatically, so this part has been improved. They also pulled all of my profile photos from Match. This was good, though they didn’t tell me until after I tried to upload another photo. This should be made more clear.

    I need to look up Helen Fisher’s theory of personality matching, but I’ll describe what I see. Personality is broken down into four types: Explorer, Builder, Negotiator, and Director. You are assigned a major and minor personality type, for example Negotiator/director. Apparently, certain personality types are more compatible with others. There are also five Universal Personality Traits, on which you are rated on a continuum. The traits are: Extravert, Agreeable, Conscientious, Open to New Experiences, and Emotional Stability.

    Apparently, Chemistry sends you five matches per day. You get to rate each match (which allegedly is used to help their matching algorithm learn your preferences) and decide whether to proceed further. If you do proceed further, there is a four-stage process that sounds very much like Eharmony’s.

  9. dionne balgtey says:

    its nice

  10. I’ve been using since it first launched about 4 weeks ago now. So far, I have to say that I’ve gotten really great matches. I also used E-harmony for 6 months. I felt my matches on there seemed to have little in common with me surprisingly, and most people didn’t seem interested in going through the long process and would just close you out or I’d close them out. This service seems to really provide you with better matches based on your rating of those matches and hones in better on what you’re looking for. It seems like many of the members are inactive at this early stage though. Hopefully after aggressive marketing, more people will become active members. The great thing about it is that it piggybacks off of so there is an endless supply of matches because of their large membership. The only concern I would have is that because they are also on, they might not necessarily be looking for a serious relationship. Time will tell, but so far so good!

  11. I recently went of from Match and I can not get anyone to respond to a problem Im having with my profile set up. Although they have sent matches on a regular basis no one responds which leaves me to belive there is something wrong with website or program. If they want to be successful they better get moving.

    Good Luck

  12.’s software is full of bugs, as has been acknowledged to me by their customer care people. Can’t change account settings, problems deleting from archive, scheduling software set up an appointment for January 1900. That’s right, 1900. And now I can’t cancel my subscription. In essence, they are charging us to beta-test their system.

    My advice at this point is to send them email objecting to being charged for a system that is clearly not functioning as advertised, cancel your subscriptions, and contact your credit card companies, letting them know that you intend to fight being charged by This is the order in which my credit card company advised me to proceed.

    Unless and until they fix their system on their own time and with their own money, should be avoided.

  13. Fred,
    I can see what you mean about technical problems. It appears that on one match we have each shown mutual interest. The system is now asking for my Relationship Essentials. Although I have followed through I keep getting an Oops message. I have e-amiled them with no reply. Do you happen to have a phone number?

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Steve,

    The phone number for is 1-866-610-6338. I called them yesterday to resign my subscription and inform them that I expected a refund. We shall see. I’ve already talked to my credit card company about contesting any charges.

    I have also sent email to, which is an address that I found in the terms of use.

    Interestingly, the terms of use appear to be an exact copy of the terms of use; they didn’t even bother to change “” to “”! To me, this suggests the extent to which was/is a rush job. If I’m right about that, it begs the question: Why the rush?

  15. Anita Spooner says:

    Geez, doesn’t anyone have anything nice to say anymore?? Being a happily married gal myself, I’m not signing up for this one or any of the other ones (which I am sure all have their good points!) but I keep trying the best place for my sister to find Mr. Right. Should I tell her to go here?



  16. “Should I tell her to go here?”


    Their system is so full of bugs that the site simply does not function properly.

    And then there’s this: as of today, one week after having been led to believe that a refund to my credit card had been processed, the charge remains on the account. Just spoke to them, and once again I have been assured that a refund has been credited, effective today.

    I’d address my issues to them in writing, but they will not give me a postal mail address.

    These are not people with whom I would advise anybody to do business at this time.

  17. Anita,

    If you really want to increase her odds, I would say have her try a few. Any system is better than no system and almost all of the programs have some nice people. It comes down to where is the right person for her and nobody has a crystal ball to determine that. In the end most of the programs are very similar – they just describe themselves differently. Picking the right site really depends on what she is looking for.

    Good luck.

  18. I signed up for this Saturday the 19, 2006 and have been having problems since. I began receivng about (5) matches a day but after Monday, they have stopped. All my activity with my few matches have stopped. It’s if as though, the entire program has become inactive, despite my profile always showing “active”. I have e-mailed customer service twice a day, and have not had any responses. I have left my telephone number and no one has contacted me.

    I am completely unhappy with Chemistry and plan on immediately cancelling my subscription and will contact their customer service number 1-866-610-6338 and send another email to as adviced by Fred, another unhappy customer.

    I also believe has too many problems with their program. I am starting to think they really do not have enough customers to match you up with…

    Very unhappy customer,

    Maria (619) 685-6643

  19. This if for Fred of Steve,

    Can either of you or anyone else reading this message let me know if after cancelling their subscription with after being signed up for five days or so, were told they would not be refunded their money?.

    I contacted the customer service number (866) 610-6338 as indicated on your website by Fred/Steve and was told by phone operator “Lashawn” that they would not refund my money, but could cancel my subscription.

    I demanded to speak with a supervisor but was told their was no one available. I left my telephone number and requested that one contact me asap.

    Look forward to hearing any feedback.


  20. I did manage to get my money refunded. Took two calls. The first on 2/6 telling them to cancel service and refund my money. No problem, I was told. A week later, I called my credit card company and found out that the refund had not been sent through. Called Chemistry back, asked them what’s what, the guy told me that yes, service had been cancelled, no, no refund. I replied by telling him that I had spoken with my credit card company, and that I intended to contest the charge, atg which point he informed me that a refund would be processed forthwith. It took another week for it to be credited back to my account.

    The key to it seems to be to talk to your credit card company first, then make it clear to Chemistry that you will contest the charge.

    Chemistry will not give you a postal mail address, and will not give you a stand-alone email address. In other words, they want nothing traceable. needs to get some business ethics.

  21. To Steve & Fred,

    I finally received my refund today!!. It took (3)calls and a whole lot of persistence. I have learned my lesson and that is, I will need to find a well established, accredited and extremely professional dating service along with spending a little more money, to receive the quality service I am really looking for and stay away from internet dating websites such as;, and

    I hope for those of you who are going through the same problems I did with Chemistry, I wish you luck!


  22. What is a good accredited dating service

    out there?

    losing hope,


  23. Accredited is not a term I’ve seen used for dating sites. Some are validated, or supported, or have the seal of approval of various organizations, but that doesn’t mean much. As usual, your mileage may vary, it depends what you are looking for.

  24. hey –

    i recently came across the website – haven’t signed up for it yet but a couple of the preliminary matches they sent me seemed promising, so i’m thinking about it. anyone know whether some of these bugs mentioned above have been worked out? also, any other suggestions of reliable places to look for info re various sites to learn more before picking one/some & actually laying out the $$$?

  25. Please don’t bother with It is little more than recycled profiles, which may or may not be real. As far as the marketing debate above, it seems little “marketing” is necessary if you simply open another entrance to the same store and charge the same people to enter it. Once inside, they discover the difficulty of getting their money back also described above. Its a nice little scam they’ve got going on.

    Let me predict, also, the same tactic of increased contact/email toward the end of the subscription period. No doubt the research psychologist above can enlighten consumers about the behavioral response to intermittent reinforcement. has this down.

  26. really is a scam. I wanted be a believer, but after three weeks of this it’s obvious that the people on the site are not real, not active or the system is not forwarding messages properly. I mean, I might not be People magazines top most eligible. But I’m a good looking guy with a great job and a lot to offer. I have responded to 38 (yes, 38) “matches” and have gotten NO responses. And these responses could be either yes, I want to go further, or no, go away. 2 even contacted me first! I responded positively and have received nothing back from them even. The system is seriously screwed up or the whole thing is a scam. Logic just says that one, just one, of the contacts out of 38 would have given me a yes or no. Very disappointing. I’ve called customer service several times with no action. My fourth call was today where they said someone in “management” would be calling. I think we have all been had.

  27. Hi, i joined chemistry a month ago and i agree that it can be frustrating to wait and be able to communicate with a match.Some people may be inactive but i also think that it depends if its the right time/luck. I almost gave up bec and other sites were disappointing but my experience here has been good.I’m glad that i have been patient and met my prince charming here.

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  34. I joined a couple weeks ago and have been VERY frustrated that NOT ONE of the 13 or 14 men they have I have said I was interesed in has responded, EVEN TO SAY ‘NOT INTERESTED’. When I asked them about it, I got stupid canned responses like “It’s difficult to say why your match hasn’t responded…”. Well, today I found out what’s REALLY going on when I received a new match who was the exact same guy who has been on my “active” (or supposedly active) list for TEN DAYS — same picture, same name, BUT A DIFFERENT LOGON ID. They are matching people with inactive members or people who are no longer members. THIS IS FRAUDULENT.

  35. Anonymous says: fraud alert!!

    If you are a member you will be offered to participate in a “free” personality test. Based on this test they automatically make up a profile that then gets distributed to other innocent paying users such as myself. As a result paying users get “matched” with non-suscribers that never checked their accounts because THEY DONT HAVE ONE. You will get matched 95% of the time with individuals such as New Member. See description below.

    Chemistry has selected New Member as a match for you based on the profile information we have received at this point. You can see how you match at this stage in the chart below. When New Member completes his entire Chemistry Profile, you’ll be able to learn more about him.

    But so far, it’s looking good.

    Yeah, right! should be sued!!

  36. The software is still totaly buggy. For example, their personality test shows me as an extreme extrovert. They couldn’t be more wrong. Thinking maybe I had answered some of their questions incorrectly, I created another signon and tried again–this time VERY carefully. Guess what? Same result! I contacted customer service about this, but they had no comment. BTW, once they rate you, there’s no going back. You can’t answer any of their questions again. So if they say you’re a party animal, then you’re a party animal. That’s all there is to it!

  37. Three months ago I cancelled my subscription, took my Match profile offline and changed the sign-on name. Four days ago, I received a notice that “Deb” was interested in my profile and that I should complete my Chemistry profile in order to respond to her.When my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on to the site it started into questions about which is the long finger etc and I exited, but not before it gave me my sign-on name and password — the same ones that I had cancelled on Match three months ago.

    Whaddya know! She is probably wondering why this guy (and maybe a lot of others) is ignoring her.

    BTW, they want a big pile of money for a month’s subscription to a rather unproven website. eHarmony offers 3 months for the price of 1 every month during the last week or so. eHarmony’s is a tedious process but their psych testing seems better validated and their summary seemed to have me pretty well characterized.

  38. Can anyone suggest a good, or the best site for online dating? I’m just going to sign up. San Francisco area. I was rejected by eharmony, don’t know why…my profile was good. Maybe my age, 58? Or I didn’t specify a large enough area (thought I’d try close to home first).


  39. So glad to find I’m not the only one who hated my experience with Chemistry. I am making it my personal mission to make sure everyone out there is educated about their site problems as well as their lack of service. I couldn’t agree with these user comments more – stay away from Chemistry! I only escaped after they got $150 out of my bank account.

  40. I found that the way to get a refund from is to call your credit card company first. Find out what you have to do in order to contest the charge. One of the things you will probably have to do is to first give the opportunity to resolve the issue.

    Now it’s time to call Cancel your subscription. Demand a refund. Inform them of your conversation with the credit card company, and tell them that you are prepared to contest the charge. That last statement seems to be the one that gets their attention. Document your call.

    Follow up with your credit card company. It took a week for my refund to be credited back.

    Of course, if you’ve already paid your credit card bill, you’re out of luck.

  41. UGGGHHH!!! These problems have been going on this long!!! It’s been five days since I subscribed and they still have not posted my pictures. There are some women whom I’d like to contact, but I’m stuck in this limbo. They are obviously waiting for the complete profile, so they’ve probably stuck me in archives. I could be there a very long time until I’m somehow noticed again or am deleted. I also have mailed several times with no response.

    I was suspicious enough to sign up for only one month. My sympathies to those who are trying to keep from being bilked out of more. I thank you all and the owner of this page for the information on phone number and other items.

    I summarize the problems this way: This is an interface where ALL the potential matches come at or near the start. If you’re profile is not totally up with photos, and fine tuned, then you may also be lost as soon as you began. I have met one woman. We have immediately gone offline.

    I am cc’ing this to

  42. sucks. I had it for a month. It takes forever to get matches in the first place, then forever to contact them because you go through a myriad of bologna questions and steps. Then I went to cancel. I tried e-mailing and calling, but they closed their offices early on the day my account was to renew. As a result I got screwed out of an additional FIFTY DOLLARS!!! They gave me the run around again and again on their customer “service”. Finally I got an e-mail address to ask for a refund, but haven’t heard anything. My advice is to stay away from this second rate garbage site of deception.

  43. is obviously a scam. I’ve been a subscriber for only about 3 weeks now and that fact is painfully obvious. Nearly everyone who is on is on Chemistry, and it makes me think they just mirror the user profiles to try to make it look bigger than it is.

    On top of that, Chemistry has less features than, and they charge a hefty bit more for it. Now, theoretically I wouldn’t complain, since the matches they pair me with SEEM to be better suited, but it’s a complete snow-job. I’m convinced that half the user-base of the site are bots or fake profiles.

    Much like I have made numerous attempts to contact people through the site, and havn’t even gotten a “no thanks”. At least that would tell me there were real people on the other end.

    I don’t know why they play this whole fake profile game. It only makes their service crappier by adding to the noise floor. Who wants to pay to be on a site where the only people you get any feedback from are obviously fake? I just had another “person” wink at me on Match who supposedly lived in Arkansas and now magically lives in Minnesota. Different usernames, same pics. Both accounts were removed one after another. I wouldn’t be surprised if another wink popped up again in a couple days from this same “person” in another state.

    It makes me not even want to go to the trouble of writing emails to members for fear of wasting 15 minutes writing to someone who may not even be a real person.

    I’ll be surprised if this company is around for another year if this is how they think they’ll make money. It’s so bogus it isn’t funny. A bona-fide scam. Stick to the free sites. At least you know most of the people on there aren’t fake.

  44. Dinand Vanvelzen says:

    I got an account for a year (the $150 deal) and after about 5 days my account was disabled with the message that “There is a problem with your account. Please email for more information.”. I e-mailed the address stated but did not get a response. I have made it clear to them that if they do not solve the problem but simply think they can take my money and then screw me over they are mistaken. I had my lawyer check the user agreement and I’m going to sue if they don’t come up with a solution!!!
    I refuse to be stolen from.

  45. Peter Fahrni says:

    Unfortunately, I had a negative experience as well. First of all, there is no recourse. If something needs to be addressed you get a “due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot respond to this call” when calling customer service.

    My points of annoyance:

    I’m a white guy. What is the point of matching me with a person who only considers black partners?
    There are not enough matches available. Many of the profiles have no photo (are those for real, or just to fluff the statistics?
    I got disconnected while signing up. Think you can continue where you left off? No, starting all over again, creating 2 profiles in the process, which creates one big mess, because I cannot log in.

  46. Now you too can start your own scam of a dating site just like the pros!
    The computers will do most of the work for you! All you got to do is
    occasionally check to make sure that people are uploading clean photos and profile text. The computer will randomly select matches based on
    profile preferences and send out emails to make other members think a real person is actually interested! You’ll be supplied with a database of sample profiles and real photos of male, female and even some androgenous models ranging in looks from supermodel to butt-ugly to accommodate a full range of members (suckers). Of course contact with real profiles is supported as well.

    Combine the most effective techniques from the pros!
    Display subscription forms in their face so they cannot get around
    them (chemistry) and make unsubscribing or account canceling
    impossible through the website (yahoo, at least in the past).
    Even make customers think that the computers are sure to find a match
    based on numerous personality dynamics (disorders) because that’s what the Doctor ordered (eharmony)!

    You’re in control!
    If you don’t want specific members sullying up your web pages because they are too fat, short, old, ugly or otherwise undesirable, just delete their account or deny their application (eharmony) and tell them you’re having technical difficulties. You can keep your members match results plentiful by not being upfront about (hiding) last activity timestamps in profiles and you can include inactive members from years past in search results! (Please watch obituaries and proceed with caution).

    Keep the cash a-flowin’!!
    Of course, keep desirable (paying) members coming back with computer generated emails when any real matches lose interest. Sure, your members may leave eventually but not until after they’ve forked over a weeks paycheck for a multi-month subscription and there are plenty of suckers to go-round for that because it’s a continuous cycle of out with the old, in with the new my friends!

    Awww, are they trying to call in for support? Put them on hold for 10 minutes then hang up, everyone knows that! For a little extra, you can subscribe to a dead-end looping answering machine service or outsource calls to frustrating non-English speaking operators.

    Best of all, who is going to audit dating site practices? The government is interested in the Bernie Madoffs and not the Dr. Warrens of the economy! You can do this for years to come!

    Why spend $30 or more month on a dating website when you can have your own website for less? Act now!

    (This is not a real opinion or advertisement but a parody of an advertisement to offer some semi-factual levity for readers.)

  47. This is the second time i have taken a ‘meager’ one month subscription. It seemed that something was just not right the first time. I took several months
    in between subscriptions and again things just kept appearing to me that the site
    was not legitiimate. I felt like the only other people on the other end of my emails
    to this or that gentleman came back with a comment having been devised by someone in the Chemistry. Com office and not a real “good and possible friend” that I was looking forward to hearing from In other words, I think the site is rigged. Tell me what you think.

  48. This is the second time i have taken a ‘meager’ one month subscription. It seemed that something was just not right the first time. I took several months
    in between subscriptions and again things just kept appearing to me that the site
    was not legitiimate. I felt like the only other people on the other end of my emails
    to this or that gentleman came back with a comment having been devised by someone in the Chemistry. Com office and not a real “good and possible friend” that I was looking forward to hearing from In other words, I think the site is rigged, fradulent and a class action suit should be started. Tell me what you think and how you woulod like to be apart of a class action suit. My brother won the McDonalds case 18 years ago with the hot coffee little old lady. I bet he could have fun with this one workhng from his retirement ranch. He is bored anyway. Let me know guys and dolls..

  49. Linda Volden says: is a website that steals info from the computer. I was staying at a friend’s house and used her computer to just see the listings on and it redirected me to Before I could look at the “free” listings, I had to put my email info along with answering a lot of questions but got sick of it about 50 percent of the way through so quit the whole thing. I did not enter any of her information yet she is getting viral emails from the website and they have taken money out of her account claiming she is a member. This is harassment and theft of identity. The toll free number is not monitored except M-F and I don’t intend on emailing them since I fear they will take info from my computer as well. BEWARE OF USING THIS SERVICE OR MATCH.COM.

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